The edible palette

There is a profound sense of connectedness that comes from sharing a meal with others. It forces us to sit. Invites us to savour. Delights all the senses. Shoves you elbow to elbow with others!  
Every Saturday night we are blessed by attending the weekly feast my father-in-law puts on for all the family. And feast it is.. there's always some delicious roast or marinated chicken, barbecued yams and potato's, colourful veggies...and my husband brings his fresh home-made bread, the grandparents/siblings bring wine and home-made desserts!
Add to that the ambiance of candlelight, the texture of a mossy damask patterned tablecloth, unique antique chairs, and a backdrop of our favourite park/forest through the window!
Mix in a generous helping of laughter and live music from those who can play instruments... it's a beautiful thing.
Tonight was no exception. A table full of generations came together again. Hands that wear the wrinkles of life, and pudgy fists of innocence all reached for the same meal. We ate. We laughed. We listened to great music. We watched our lil' daughter squeal and dance and chase the dog around.  
So I breathe a prayer of gratitude once again... for family, food, love, laughter, beauty.. and wine!

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.  ~Thornton Wilder

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