projects...and sniffles

grandma and azriel

Pssssssssssss! Okay friends, just wanted to keep you posted.  The pottery is now finished [fired up and ready to wear fashion]!  I am in the midst of getting these pieces bound with leather strapping - for wrist cuffs/necklaces.  Then I will be posting pics [as long as my camera decides to comply for once] and showing you my latest line-up.  So stay tuned.

In other creative news... I've been sewing some very cute [if i do say so myself] little owl stuffies.  I found a fabric that i adore for them.  So hold your breath, and those pics should be coming soon too.

In other, other news... my wee one has been up with a croupy cough/fever these last two days.  Mama has been snuggled in close for both nights as her giant kleenex/sippy cup.  Hoping she's better soon, for both our sakes!

Did anyone else notice it's snowing out there?!  What the heck... where's the Spring we ordered?
Anywho, have a lovely day despite that silly snow! ;o)

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