It's a natural..

Today I'm reminding myself to be grateful. Sometimes it's easy to see the glass half empty - like when it appeared our clothes dryer was busted. I wanted to just heave a sigh up against the heavens and yell 'what else can break in our home right now?!'.. and grumbling, I loaded the wet laundry up into a mound and carried it out back to the clothes line.  Slowly, beautifully... I started to be reminded of the delight of going 'natural' again :
  • It forces me to slow down.. clothes peg by clothes peg.. and be lost in thought.
  • It makes your clothes smell better than anything else!
  • It gives you the chance to talk to the neighbours (in our case the kids that run around out back)
  • It whitens your clothes naturally - great for baby messes!
  • It lets you breathe in the wind, the spring... the chirping of birds.
So.. I'm grateful, once again for those speed-bumps in life, that force me to slow down, re-evaluate what I value... and hang it all out on the line again.  Have a fresh sunny day friends.

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  1. Mmm, yes! I can't wait to hang my first load on our line!!


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