tea.. a drink with jam and bread.

Today is brought to you by the letter "t"... I have always loved the comfort of a warm mug of tea cupped in my hands.  There's almost a sacred moment in the whole ritual of steeping... stirring... sipping don't you find?  So today I share some photos of:
  • My favorite tea - a generous sprig of Mint leaves bathed in hot water, and honey!
  • My knit tea cup cozy - I can sew these lil' guys in custom colours too!
  • My tea bag study... pile them up and document it!
  • My painting... "A measure of peace"... since each tea bag represented a peaceful moment of my day... I then measured that in days of tea bags!
What I should have also included here was the pottered tea mugs and tea pot I have made in the past... but alas, I'm having issues with my camera/lap top compatibility currently... stay tuned.

So take a little sip, take a little sip with me... and enjoy your day with tea!
Mel :o)

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