oh deer...

So here's a little compilation of 'wild creations' I've made in the past. A couple years ago we got the antlers off a friend's garage and I painted them up all crazy. Over the Christmas holidays I wanted some festive pillow covers, so I stenciled these fun deer onto slip covers I had sewn.  The real delight was turning my darling daughter into a Narnian fawn for her 1st birthday (since it falls a couple days before Halloween... I like the idea of giving her 'dress-up' birthdays!).
Maybe I'll start posting compilations of other random creations in the future for you fine folks.. sound good?

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  1. Sounds good to me! I like seeing gatherings of like-minded goodies. Doesn't hurt if they have a cute little girl in 'em, either. oh deer! :)
    I found your post on my blog and went all mushy! I am now pimping out your blog; let the blog love begin! exes and ohs!


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