Pretty patterns and profiles.. D.I.Y

Alright friends, it's late, and I'm tired... but I had to pop off a lil' D.I.Y project for all you crafty folks who - like me - like seeing project ideas in pictures! So here it is: 
  • 1) run out and snap a pic of you favorite profile (mine happens to be the oh-so-kissable-cheeks of my daughter).  Trace it onto paper and then cut out.
  • 2) grab your favorite fabric and pin your paper profile onto it.. and cut out fabric version.
  • 3) stretch another complimentary fabric over a quilting hoop.
  • 4) embroider that sweet face right onto the stretched fabric... and voila!
This featured piece was stitched by moi many months ago... and hangs on my daughter's door, so that even when she's tucked in sleeping soundly at night.. I can walk past her room and still kiss those sweet cheeks!

Nite nite.
Mel :o) 

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