balancing home-making and art-making..

One of the most common questions I get from people: "How do you find the time to produce all this work - and have a baby?!"
I think like most 'mompreneurs' it comes down to trying to maximize productivity in ratio to the length of my darling's naptime! I'm incredibly blessed with a few bonuses as well:
  • a 16 month old daughter who still naps twice a day (and 12 hour nights)!
  • an incredible home-brewing husband who loves to cook/bake!
  • the inspiration of many other blogging/creative mamas!
  I still struggle to manage that balance of being a home-maker and being an art-maker. Sometimes the dishes stack up as high as the collection of fabric on my sewing table... and sometimes the constellation of lint on the floor mirrors the spray of paint on my canvases...  but I usually try to break up the day as follows:
  • one nap = one creative session (paint/sew/craft)
  • second nap = clean house/prep meals/laundry
  • baby night-night = hospitality/socializing etc.
  Life is like that 'whack-a-mole' game, you think you just got something down - and something else pops up. Sometimes I think I've just figured out the balance of being mom/wife/artist/friend... (and after that split-second passes!) I then feel overwhelmed for focusing on one to the detriment of the others. 
Anyone relate?!  So how do you find your balance?  Feeding your soul.. and feeding the bellies under your roof?  Do share - we may all be in different nests.. but we're all in the same tree!

Mel ;o)

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