this lump of clay

Today when the snow was helter-skelter outside our home, the warmth of my husband baking bread filled the insideMeanwhile, our daughter Azriel was scattering her toys all over the floor and singing to her own tune...and this mama was diving her hands into the cold, wet clay!
I haven't been making any pottery since my daughter was born... which is a sad thing.  I think its actually been almost two years (eeep!)so I decided it was about time to start up a pottery element for my craft shows again. I went back to my favorite local potter (good ol' George of PARK ST. POTTERY) and got some clay to play with at home.  
I flopped my giant piece of masonite over the washing/dryer machines and got to work!  It's a wonderful thing to form clay and roll it, and press it.. and shape it again.  Though I may have almost got pneumonia from trying to do it in our uninsulated breezeway... but it was worth the fun of playing! 
So stay tuned friends... once these batches get fired/glazed/fired... I'll fire up some pics for you to see the latest creations!

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