Morris + Mucha = mmmm. eye candy

Today is mix and match day - taking two of my favorite artists and partnering them together in a composition that inspires and delights me.  William Morris was one of the most famous English textile artists... his way with foliage and patterns are captivating.  Alphonse Mucha was a Czech Art Nouveau artist... his delicate designs and dreamy ladies are pure eye-candy.

.. sigh - I could get lost in these landscapes all day!  You'll see in my past paintings where I got inspired to paint my lady heads ... and I am still eager to pursue these themes more.  Half of me loves painting the Turner-style impressions of an open sky, while the other half wants to be submerged in these detailed, delicate art nouveau delicacies!  Hope you've found these fabulous fellas to be an inspiring part of your creative day too.
Mel :o)

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