D.I.Y: country-charm cup o' cuteness!

 I blame Pinterest for this idea.
How many mama's out there face the 'perfect-Pinterest-party-pressure'?
They stress over all the cute and crazy decorating ideas to make your child's birthday the marvel of all the neighbours, and give the appearance of a staged photo shoot.

Ok, I admit the temptation is there for me too.
Any excuse to get creative.. and decorate!
But, I opted to keep it simple this year (apart from all of us dressing up!).
If we had have thrown a party (if our daughter wasn't sick) I would have made these cute drinking cups o' cuteness:

 I like to think of them as a rustic-sippy cup.
I love how you can customize the mason jar with a fun muffin liner (lots of colourful options at craft stores)!
You could wrap twine or ribbon around it, with kid's name tags hanging from them.
I filled it with apple juice and frozen berries.
(Adult versions would be fun too... warmed cider?)

If you have a minute, Azriel's 'review' is pretty hilarious:

 Lots of slurping...
"Make it funner"...
(maybe skip the twine for kids?!) hehe.

Overall it was a deliciously cute success!

Azriel kept wanting to drink out of her 'fun' cup after that.

You could even dress these up for Christmas themed parties soon too.

Mel ;o)


  1. Awww Azriel is adorable! Love it!

  2. I love this!
    i use glass jars for everything. Picnics are a hoot, as all our salads and desserts are in jars. I make the boys jelly in Baby food jars. We also do Breakfast Jars when we go for walks.
    Glass, glass, glass. It's like up-cycling on a different level!

  3. Wow.. sounds like quite the picnic... lets hope you never hit a big 'bump' in your travels! Or, maybe you've sewn little 'cozies' to fit snug around each glass? ;o) Way to go!

  4. Hehe, thanks, we think she's pretty hilarious (as most kids are.. 98% of the time)! ;o)

  5. so cute...and i'm up at midnight on a tuesday because of Pinterest...the downfall of my life! anyway, just curious -- how did you put the whole in the top of the jar? oh, maybe you didn't put the metal top back on? just used the liner? thanks! btw, aziel is adorable...

  6. Hi Jen! Ooops, guess I should have been more clear on that.. it is just the muffin liner on top (no metal lid part).. so I just snipped a small 'x' and put the straw through! Thanks for coming over to the nest here ;o)


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