sneak peeks plus: (jewellery + more!)

 Sooo I don't know where that week went, but wow ~ it's friday already.
I thought it was about time I showed you more of the creations hatching from this nest for the upcoming Christmas show*.
Above: I've been having lots of fun with making earrings lately (despite the fact that jewellery pliers make my fingers feel like Oktoberfest sausages).
That beloved turquoise stone is making many appearances, as well as doily 'snowflakes' on wood pendants.

 A variety of turquoise and wooden beaded necklace pendants will also be available.

 Oh yes, and these babies.
Gold gilded painted feathers on cork.
'What the what?' you say... yes!

I just can't get enough of painted feathers lately (as you may recall from past projects).

They can hang like slender ornaments from a tree, wall or doorknobs... 
(heck, maybe no one else will understand their purpose, but they're my lil' dose of happy.)

So there's another sneak peek at what treasures will be squeezed on to my craft table in a few weeks.

This weekend I hope to catch up on a few more projects in lieu of this nasty flu knocking me off my 'crafting pace' this past week.

Happy weekend'ing friends!
Mel ;o)

*P.S. For you lovely locals (or those willing to travel) here's the poster with details about this craft show:



  1. Those feathers are absolutely to die for. Wow girl. Gorgeous.

  2. I love, love, love the feathers. Such a cute idea. I like the idea of a tree covered in those. Something totally different from the everyday. Also, that turquoise business is gorgeous.

    Good luck with the post-sickness crafting. xx

  3. Hey thanks SO much... I like that idea too! ;o) Thanks for the well wishes too.. aiming to make some more beauties this weekend. wooooot.

  4. Aww, thanks luv... I'm delighted that others share my love of these ! xx

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  6. very cute! do you have an etsy shop? if you do i would LOVE for you to be in my behind the scenes etsy features if you are interested =)

  7. Looks great Mel! I love the first turquoise necklace you showed. I SO would love to come to the craft market, but I doubt we'll make it... :( I hope you're feeling better now too.

  8. Hey thanks Cristi! (You KNOW.. you could always sweet talk a certain Jr. fella to set one aside for you... I'd happily mail it to a good home like you!) ;o) Thanks.. we are feeling better! phew!

  9. Hey Trish! Thanks SO much, that's very kind of you to offer... alas, nay I do not. Been tempted many times... but still can't commit to the etsy borg (quite yet)... just me an my wee blog packed with goodies here ;o)

  10. milexblog.blogspot.co.uk17 November 2012 at 21:54



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