pretty as a popsicle.

One of the many challenges of parenting:
shoving the proper nutrition in to your kids face
getting them to eat healthy!
Our daughter is often a picky eater... with the appetite of a small canary most days.
(While the other days she has an insatiable hunger and whines for snacks 24/7).
 How can we say 'no' to those puppy eyes?!
One of her favourite treats: Popsicles (which she calls "Pah-sicles").
Which mama calls - camouflaged nutrition!

We throw a pile of fruit, milk/yogurt, SPINACH in the blender.
Pour in to ice cube tray.. snip up some straws to stand in each cube.
Fruit Smoothie Popsicles at the ready.

Daughter Azriel thinks she's getting a treat,
but mama knows she's getting the good stuff.

The messy goodness.
(Should I say how often I think she looks like a toddler zombie? Ha!).

Here's to good health - and the sneaky ways we achieve it sometimes.

Mel ;o)


  1. This is brilliant. I'm going to send this to my brother who has PICKY PICKY little men.

    I hope you start to feel better, my friend. I send lots of cozy blankies, tea, cold water and healthy thoughts your way.

  2. Sure thing ~ happy to help any parent 'outwit' their kids taste buds. ;o) Thank you for the sweet thoughts.. feeling slightly more recovered today from the flu plague... just keep sleeping zzzzzzzzzzzzz! xx

  3. What an awesome idea!!!
    And here I was looking for the best affordable popsicle mould.
    Thanks for showing me that I actually have one.
    Hope you feel better!
    L&L and some healing.

  4. Ha.. there you have it mama! ;o) Glad to help... lol
    We're better from the bug.. but not the kids-waking-thru-the-night-sleepless-madness! :oP


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