Am I the only mama who thinks the pressure of childbirth blew out a few brain cells?
Yes, labour.
I've never pushed so hard in my life as I did with these two kids in our nest.
I remember the midwife holding up a mirror (as a visual for 'pushing blind' through a required epidural) and all I could see was my beet red face about to pop off and fly around the room like a balloon.

Yes, I think I've lost more brain cells since having kids.
I feel like I've forgotten so much:

* how light they felt as newborns.

* what a good night's sleep looks like.

* where my wedding band disappeared to.

* what my husband already repeated to me five times.
* what the kids looked like before this moment.

(I look back at old pictures... like this one of Azriel and I, two years ago, and I don't recognise that sweet funny face of hers)!

*I forget the funny things she says... so I write them here (or Facebook!).

* how I used to dress before 'fashion for latch'n'.

* what Ben and I ever did together before kids.

I also forget how tiny my heart felt before this moment.
It's been stretching and straining to new depths each day of their little lives here.

I never want to forget that.
How much this love erases all the craziness and just sees their beauty.

brain.less, heart.full
Mel ;o)

P.S: Note to self ~ that first 'cuddle' shot represents Azriel's most recent obsession of having her Daddy "make her smaller" by squishing her down... so she can run over and snuggle with me like a little baby.  Afterward, she runs back to Ben to stretch her "big again".
I die from the cuteness!


  1. Such sweet babies. Its good to have blogs and whatnot just for the sake of remembering!! i always think i will document more and yet the moments keep slipping away... oh well, if we live each day "to the hilt" we have nothing to worry about then!

  2. True enough Amz! I keep making short 'videos' of them too tho.. because they squish my heart to look back on and see/hear their lil' selves! Too bad I'm so lame at trying to 'scrapbook' the memories.... ;o)


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