hand.making the holidays...

 Sooooo, picture a Christmas elf with hoarding issues.
Got it?
Well, that's our living room: a one-stop, craft-shop, clutter-centre of our nest currently.

What with all the goodies I'm finishing for the upcoming Craft show, and the festive decor we're getting ready for our own home, it's getting pretty wild in here.

Daughter Azriel is a delighted blur of craftiness herself... wanting to make 'snowflakes' sopping in glue.
Baking sugar cookies with Grandma.

 Dipping pine cones in cheery cherry paint (which mama will eventually attach ribbon bows to and hang in the window).

 I try to not hyperventilate as she slaps the paintbrush around declaring in her most authoritative 3 year old voice: "I can do it MYSELF!"....
(I was almost tempted to introduce sparkles to this project... but then I remembered this crass - but true - reality.)

 I love that our house is filling with festive hand.made decor... (although our Ben says we can't officially decorate until Dec.1st... Scroogey-Mc.Scrooge pants).
I still managed to get the advent bunting up in the window today - which reminded me that bunting makes any/every room 100% happier.
Speaking of happy.. there's our chunk of sunshine - Hudson!
He's such a dose of cutie-sweet-glow in our nest... I'm a total sucker for him.
Especially with his recent delight in playing peek-a-boo and laughing hysterically at himself!
(Note: any well meaning folk who see this toy and declare that 'walkers' are banned... please be aware there are NO stairs around here to tumble down!  We just want him to fall for the illusion of walking since he's too fat to even crawl yet... hehe.).

So needless to say,
our nest is all aglow with festive handmade goodness lately.
I'm kind of loving it.
Kind of a lot.

When do you start decorating?

Mel ;o) 

P.S... thursday is the last day to enter my GIVEAWAY and win some festive decor for your nest!


  1. I start last Thursday :o) I also finish last Thursday, until I find something appropriately woodsy/weird cute to appeal to the animal lover in the house.

  2. We've decided that we can start decorating after little J's birthday which is Nov 16. So the 17th, I had the tree up!

  3. I don't yet own any decorations. I have some that live at my sister's house in storage, but here in Jasper, I have zilch. I think, in light of my mega Scrooge (who will not budge no matter if I throw a tantrum or cry or just complain), I'm going to keep things really simple this year. But, since I do have an extreme desire to bring Christmas cheer back into my own life, I will make some time for some of my own Christmasy crafting sessions.

    I'm glad to see your house is starting feel a wee bit Christmasy. I can't wait to see how it looks when it's all done up!

  4. Christmas travesty!! No decorations there.. alas and alack... good thing I wrapped up your parcel last night with a bit of extra 'cheer' in it! ;o) Mr.Scrooge needs some of his own dose of cheer there too it sounds like.. maybe a christmas beer to warm him up!? Happy crafting... even if its for an audience of one... you deserve it. Will keep you posted on the nest's trimmings here! ;o)

  5. Oh wow.. you are FAST woman! I assume its an artificial if it lasts that long?? That's the only part of getting a real tree that bugs me.. having to wait longer to put it up... oh, and stepping on needles for a month afterward! ;o) lol.

  6. Hmmm.... maybe we can hook up up?! ;o)

  7. Yeah it's artificial. I got it last year at a Christmas garage sale. They do it every year so people who don't have a lot of $ can donate what they can to be able to decorate for the Christmas. I think I paid $10 for it and it's so big we can't have the top on.

  8. Danielle Paniccia29 November 2012 at 11:33

    so many cute crafts! definitely taking notes :] as soon as i have a free weekend i'm staying in and making christmas crafts the entire time!

  9. Ooooh now that sounds like a fun time... don't forget the festive music, twinkling lights/candles and warm tea to fuel you on! ;o)

  10. Good for you! I was cringing myself looking at the adorable pics of Azriel and that bucket of paint- you are brave! I really need to take a deep breath and initiate Theo into more of the delights of crafting... probably with a few wet rags, a roll of paper towels, and a box of band-aids. Creativity knows no age limits. Start 'em young.
    And about that walker- we got one in Martinique and brought it back with us. I didn't know they were available up here. But they are such a great thing to have if you don't have stairs.
    Hudson is huge. What are you feeding him?!
    Enjoy your Christmas crafting!

  11. haha! We should have a painting/splatter party together! You could always get him messing around with 'edible paints' (a.k.a... jello/pudding!) or water colours are pretty 'safe'... anything to let them let it out I'd say! ;o)
    Yes Hud is a big boy on campus...all 24lbs of him! lol.. miss you mama.

  12. Brave mama with the red paint!! I let Josh paint his bookshelf, in the summer, outside and I was still so so nervous! The house looks wonderful. Handmade holidays are the best ;)

  13. hehe, thanks Liz! It was even more wild in that she was wearing her Sunday dress/tights... under her paint shirt.. and slapping the paint on it too.. eep! lol Your place is looking lovely too! ;o)


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