sneak peeks (winter wear):

 Hey there friends, I've got more recent projects to show & tell here!
I'm still crafting like a Christmas elf on crack... and I'm real happy with the progress being made for the upcoming Focus Fair Indie Craft Show.

Today's 'sneak peeks' are of the winter wear I'll be selling there.
These are my new (limited) collection of cosy neck cuff cowls.

Featuring: Chocolate brown 'aztec' patterned cotton (lined with winter-sky grey fleece, or a pumpkin spice fleece).  Homemade branch buttons.  Leather strapping.  Faux fur trim.

 My Ben said it looks like something out of the 'Final Fantasy' game... I'm ok with that.
It's super ridiculously cosy, and it would fit snugly inside ones winter coat collar.

 This snowflake patterned fleece cuff also features the branch buttons and leather strapping.

 These cowls are extra high to burrow your face down into.

 As mentioned a while ago, I've made more of the popular wrist warmers too.
These three designs each come with branch button 'cuff-links' attached.
(I love wearing my leopard prints ones... super cosy!)

I even made a few 'wee' ones too, pretty popular with this gal who still wants her fingers free to grab things.. and her thumb to suck!

So there's another view of what will be stocking up my craft table.
I've only got a couple projects left here to finish and I'm good to go!
<insert happy dance>

Eager to see you lovely locals there

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)

P.S - only a couple days left to enter that GIVEAWAY friends! ;o)


  1. you do look like a cool game character! Btw, can I have some of that elf crack? I really need it, and I've got a craft show in 2.5 weeks!


  2. Oooooh Mel, these are so cute!! I hope I can make it to the Focus Fair this year!!

  3. Kerry Estey Keith27 November 2012 at 17:02

    love, love love the cowls AND gloves. my newest, favoritest thing (for like two years now) is gloves/sleeves with thumb hole. Where do I get them?

    p.s. found your blog through Noisy Plume.

  4. These are gorgeous. What a crafty and creative mind you have. I think these would be perfect for a cold Jasper day. If you have leftovers after the fair, I'd love to put an order in for one.
    Happy crafting!

  5. those neck cuffs are amazing!

  6. hey thanks, man! Glad you like 'em!

  7. You're such a sweet and encouraging pal, thanks for always loving my gear here! Which were you interested in? (We can talk..... lets make a deeeeeaall dude!) ;o)

  8. Aw, a kindred spirit!! ;o) Thanks for popping in from the ever-lovely Plume! I'll drop you a line with details ....

  9. Hope so too!! thanks sweets.

  10. hahahhahah... er..... ha! I'll wish you crafty thoughts?! ;o)

  11. I love the pumpkin one!! Love, love, love it. What kind of deal can we work out?

  12. Ahhh.. now that I look again, I think I love the snowflake one more... OK. Help me choose between those two. :)

  13. How great are these?! You are crazy creative. Wow.

  14. haha... guilty as charged I'm afraid. My brain never shuts-up for things it wants to create! lol
    Thanks sweet Suz!

  15. Love those cowls! I so wish I could come to the show!


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