chair, and back again.

 Further crafting chronicles in the quest to turn everything in our home turquoise:
I'd been dreaming about this project for half a year now...

 Armed with this beauty turquoise ("Catalina Mist") spray paint... some hot glue and rope-yarn, I got busy with it.

While my lungs filled with spray fumes, and my fingers burned with glue... this retro chair inherited from my Grandparents got beautified!

 I'm sure many of you recognise this chair... it often graces the front porch of many retro motels around Ontario.  This one has been my travelling companion ever since I left home.

It's been a funky bucket seat in - and outside - over these years.
Now our daughter loves to crawl on it.. (so she can press her nose directly against the t.v screen where it usually sits).
She wanted to share her drink with the camera while posing in the chair... but don't dare ask her to share the popcorn.

Note: I vowed after painting this chair that I would never spray paint something like this again.. I hate working with the stuff... fumes, drips, uneven coats.. blech.  
Painting on plastic was also the one thing not on Krylon's list - call me a rebel.

At least now I can sit back and enjoy one more trinket turned turquoise in this nest.

Mel ;o)


  1. Thanks.. it's a keeper for sure (fingers crossed that paint job doesn't peel all off!). :o)

  2. What a great, easy beautifying DIY. I love that chair!!

  3. Yes it was! I couldn't believe how many hot glue sticks it ate through tho! Thanks Nicole. :o)

  4. love it -especially the colour :)

  5. ah yes, another turquoise admirer, welcome to the club Aura! lol

  6. Love love love this chair Mel, and you did an awesome job of reworking it!

  7. Hey Carly, thanks a bunch!! Hope you're keeping well!

  8. PS. Is that the same colour Caren painted her umbrella stand??

  9. hmm, no clue (but since we both adore this colour.. maybe?) A quick 'tweet' of Catalina Mist to her may solve the mystery! ;o)


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