orange you glad...

...I didn't say 'banana'?

 Speaking of bananas...  it's about to get all crazied-up in here.
You can thank my blogger pal Nicole for this.
She tagged me in one of those "Knowing me, knowing you" quizzes that asks 5 questions for you to answer... and then.. pass on to the next 5 victims friends!

I told her I get grumpy with having to do such quizzes... but, because it's her asking, I will play along.  Just this once.  Got it? ;o)

I decided to answer in video form - less typing/reading for me/you!

 Sorry for that blooper/sloppy exit! hah!

Links mentioned:
Favourite gr.9 song: Jars of Clay - "Flood".
 Blogger bud (now in real life, too) Kirsty - "On loneliness as a 'loner". 

We'll now return to your normal broadcast blogging post haste here.

(Or, if you really enjoy hearing me drone on.. you can catch up on previous vlog chatter here and here - or just see how my hair is different each time)!

Thanks for getting to 'know' me.. silly bits and all.
Mel ;o)


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you did this. It's so nice to see your face and to hear you talk. Remember how I was saying, "how much can you really learn about a person from their blog"!? Well, I think seeing you answer the questions told me a lot more about you than if you had written the answers.

    Thanks for indulging me. xx

    P.S. I'm a chai latte lover myself...

    And, that damn owl needs to stop screwing with my dogs. If you see him, give him a fist shake, will you?

  2. You're welcome dude! I forgot to mention that I 'double-dog-dare' you to make a vlog now too.. because yes, it really helps to know someone better! Do eeeeeeeeeeeet! ;o) Wish we could grab some chai's together, that would be a hooooot. xx

  3. oh.my.gosh.

    i so totally love you.

    and need to laugh with you in person some day.

    and i always thought you'd be all 'accenty'...but you sound just like me:):):)...lol...

    so nice to giggle with you.

    and the ending--

    my favorite:).


  4. Awww... glad the feeling is mutual ~ I want to hang with you SO much too... I can only imagine how wonderfully awkward and weird we could be together! lol What? No accent?! Sheesh.. I'm going to have to go practice my Canadianese then, ya hoser. ;o)
    love you sis in Him! xx


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