the lucky one...

They say a good relationship is found when both people feel they got better than they deserve.
Well, when it comes to luck providence... God blessed me with this guy, my Ben.
I know a lot of you readers keep wondering how on earth I manage to get so much time to craft, and Ben is a big support in that aspect.
As you may remember, he's our baker man.
You local folk may want to know that he's moved from the Stickling's factory over to our favourite cafe Black Honey... he's now working in their new Bakery!
So while he's always gone to the bakery by 4am... he's home by lunch hour (currently).
This means a whole afternoon with Dad around to help wrangle the kids, or even take Azriel out while I do a intense craft-blitz.
This also means that when the family all tuck in to their beds (including Ben) I have the rest of the evening to clean/craft/blog.
(Though as of now, we're both incapacitated from this nasty flu going around).
 Ben has time to be creative in his own way too.
He bakes all morning... and comes home to do more baking for 'fun'.
That's a huge help to this mama... since he actually loves cooking/baking/making dinners (whereas I should probably have a restraining order from the kitchen).

Most evenings find these two snuggled in close... finally sitting down for a nice round of Looney Tunes... (or, Angry Birds!).

Then, it's kisses goodnight and "I love you"s
to young and old,
small and tall,
daddy and daughter,
(and baby Hudson too). 

I'm the lucky one,
and I know it.

Mel ;o)


  1. I'm so excited he got the Black Honey job! Congrats, Ben!

    I took my friend to BH when she came to visit and we ended up going 4 times in 9 days.

  2. My prayer for you would be that you NEVER EVER lose that sense of appreciation and thankfulness. Love you,

  3. ..that's a very good prayer, thanks so much D. We love you.

  4. We're excited too! Its awesome for him to get back to the 'roots' of artisan, small-scale baking - which he loves.
    Ha! A very good choice indeed... you still kicking Starbucks to the curb?! ;o)

  5. I did go to Starbucks when we had to go to the airport, but I didn't pay so it didn't count. Yup, they're out of my life for the foreseeable. Indie coffee joints only from now on!

  6. im so jealous that he works at a small local bakery - thats a dream job to me!

  7. is it? That's super cool! Yes, he's very happy to be working on quality, small scale baking now!

  8. I love reading stories like these. I think it's so important that couples work together and find a healthy balance. Ian and I are still working ours out, but we're getting there. I really can't complain, considering he cooks me a gourmet meal every night. But, there are still the chores, which we are slowly being split up, so I don't feel like the household maid.

    Congrats to Ben on the new job. And good on the both of you for making such a happy, balanced life together. xx

  9. Aww thanks friend. ;o) Every relationship is a constant 'growing curve'... as long as we're all willing to give/take out of love for the other person, eh? xx


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