D.I.Y roundup! (Children's projects):

Hey there y'all!
As mentioned in the last d.i.y winter edition, I put together a whole collection of simple and thrifty projects you could make for your kids (or friend's kids).

Let's teach the next generation that fun toys don't need a big price tag.
Because, as seen above, sticking your head in a plastic house (upcycled cat litter container) can be purrrfectly hilarious!

Happy crafting:
  1. Puzzle Magnets             2. Simple Super-Hero Cape         3. Wild Animal Sweater

  4. Baby Necktie Shirt              5. Tank top into tote bag           6. Toddler Sewing Cards 

Here's a sneak peek at an upcoming toy-project for our daughter, too.
A sliced 2"x2" (?) chunk of wood... sanded... with magnets glued to the middles.
I'll likely paint 4 woodland characters on each side... but for more inspiration, Mer Mag has some adorable designs! 

Can you believe Christmas is a month away?!
I need some of those elvish minions to come craft with me.

P.S... I've loved hearing about your favourite Christmas memories on my GIVEAWAY post ~ thanks for sharing them... and there's still time to enter this week for those who haven't yet!
merry making mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Your ideas are great!
    I've totally given up on my goal to only give handmade gifts this year. What was I thinking? I would have had to start in the summertime to achieve that goal! Anyway, I'll certainly be giving out some handmade gifts this year. I always do. I think handmade gifts are the best.

  2. My goodness you are a talented mama. I love that your mission is to create toys for your kids so they can appreciate the little things. Brilliant.

  3. Aww thanks, you! It's pretty cute, really.. when your kids are little ~ they freak out with glee over the simple things (like just pretty wrapping paper.. or a tiny bracelet! lol)... so I figure it's best to try and maintain that 'childlike' wonder at the small things as long as we can... ;o)

  4. Thanks pal! You totally gave up?? Really...? I guess you must be up to eyeballs in custom orders and recovering from bugs. I get overwhelmed if I try to plan gifts for alllll the special people in our life... and hack the list down to a small handful in the end (maybe I'll just have to 're-gift' anything that doesn't sell at this craft show! lol). xo

  5. Lovely ideas, the gift is in the making & giving - it makes your heart sing when the gift is also loved by the recipient! I have 2 gifts left to make and then I can relax a little, I hope some elves show up to help you.

  6. True, true Annie - it's 'full-circle' joy giving and watching their joy! GOOD job on you, getting done so fast.. and we're still loving your handy-heart-works over here too. ;o) xx


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