chasing sunbeams...

 ...or otherwise know as 'trying to outrun the shadows'.

To 'fess up: that's how I've been feeling lately.
Call it the shift in season,
or two weeks of sickness in this nest,
mixed with lots of sleepless-fitful nights...
...but I've been fighting the gloomies.

Just plain ol' tired.
 (Not that this is unique or rare for any parent).
 I know better than to complain about these wee souls.
(I'll save that for all my facebook status updates... ha!).

I know many, many friends who would gladly trade all their sleep for a chance to have a family... 
While I moan on about the endless nights of crying from the crib,
they suffer the heartbreak of silence from the womb.

I get that.
At least.. I want to be empathetic to that.. deeply.

So, I can't... I won't come on here and complain about these precious hearts.
This season too, shall pass.
Sleep will come (and I'll long for when they were just babies again, I'm sure!).

I always struggle with sharing my heart on these issues.
I never want to be seen as complaining about - or begrudging - these children that God blessed us with.
I'm just trying to keep it real here.

And, since my brain has felt like the equivalent of stale porridge for the past week,
this is about all that's on my mind to post. 

We all have our battles.
Our trials and tears.

I hope the shadows find us chasing the Son.

"..cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you".
1 Peter 5:7

Be well friends,
Mel ;o)


  1. I love that even your confessions are poetry

  2. You are such a beautiful heart.

    A verse that's been in my heart this month or the past two months, it's been there because its been a bumpy while in my heart...

    "Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come" (and at times that has passed)* Proverbs 31:25 *my own*

    Strength and Love

  3. Aw thanks beauty, that's a beautiful passage as well.. thanks for the encouragement. Praying that your bumps would be a refining process to push you deeper into HIs arms of love, too, friend.

  4. I love that you are kind enough to see them as that. ;o) xx

  5. As someone who's had a few rough nights lately, just sending lots of hugs. You're so amazing and can see what things are even when you're stressed. Your kids are so lucky to have you

  6. Right back 'atcha mama, thank you for the sweet support! Sleep-deprivation is quite the torture isn't it? Boomerang hugs to you too! ;o)

  7. Yes please! I do like a good hug. :o)

  8. We've been sick too. I've been bedridden for two days and I'm trying to not get panicked about all the work that is building up around me as I lay on the couch and try to take care of myself- and let others take care of me. I've been totally avoiding the internet so that I can get on top of all that needs to get done and scrape together the patience I need for the day-to-day lately. I get where you're at and I'm
    sending you extra love to make it through the difficult days!

  9. Awww mama, I was just thinking about you today.. and how off-the-radar you were lately amongst the interwebs, that explains it, sorry to hear you got hit with the sick factor too. Sending you lots of hugs, and hope you take it easy on yourself (despite the 'to-do' lists)! xx


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