i love hoooo...

Well friends, the wait is finally over.  I managed to wrestle my latest pics off my camera and get them into this stubborn-as-a-mule lap top of mine!  So here they are... my latest sewing projects.  Aren't they a hoot?  I saw this fabric and knew it would make perfect plumage for these little owl friends. They will be fluttering in for a landing at the next craft show (SpringKLE) coming up in two weeks where it will be a who's hoo of local crafty/yummy artisans. Ok, ok, I'll stop.

Stay tuned this week, now that I have my recent pictures in tow.. I will be showing you lots more of the 'going-ons' around Needle and Nest.
:o) Mel

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  1. oh, that little fellow really is a hoot!! The fabric is so awesome; like a doily! I have such a thing for owls, and plush soft owls are over the top! :)
    I didn't know about Sprinkle - does the show have a website/blog/flickr/twitter or any other online presence? If so, I'd be happy to pimp it out on my blog! I'll try to get to it - see you & do some shoppin'! :)


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