an enchanting place...

Hey there friends, hope you all had a lovely weekend?
One place we always enjoy spending part of our weekends at is the Ecology Park here in our city.  Not that we get there every weekend... but it's always a beautiful place to explore.
Whether we walk over the arched bridge, or through the 'forest maze' entrance... it always feels like we're entering an enchanted spot - a secret garden - if you will.
The days that the eco park is officially open are extra fun... since they do a great job of putting out lots of interactive props/toys/projects for kids to engage with.  We have a hoot dressing our daughter up as a life sized house-fly/fish/bunny/beaver with all the costumes on hand.
She loves hiding in the giant 'log' tunnel too.
(Last time we were there I felt a bit weirded out when she grabbed her water bottle and ran to the tunnel saying "Mama, come drink with me in the cave!!")

Another favourite family activity amongst the greenery?
Hide-and-seek of course...(the above left shot was supposed to show Azi peeking around for me)... and as you can see, she's super skilled at hiding herself, too.

Now, don't tell.. but she still loves to pick us a flower here and there.
Or if we're real lucky, we find a mushroom!

Speaking of which, we just fried up some mushroom slices tonight that came from the wild.
Ben's folks brought back a puffball mushroom the size of a basketball... so we all got a chunk to take home and fry up in butter/garlic/salt/pepper... mmMMmmm!
 In other news - our laptop cord got torn asunder this weekend... so we've been off radar here... but I've just discovered that our ancient relic of a computer can still heave us online for a bit.
All that to say - the posts may be sparse until we get the new cord shipped to the nest!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello though,
annnnd... ba-bye for now.

Mel ;o)


  1. This little nature adventure looks delightful. I love the idea of an enchanted forest. The other day Ian and I were out for an adventure that felt as though we were in an enchanted forest, as well. It's so fun to think that way.

  2. Yes it is a delightful, enchanting spot nestled into the 'suburbia' of the city around it. You and I have mushroom brains lately I'd say! ;o)


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