:: Am I the only person who hears someone talking in an accent and unintentionally starts to mimic it?
Even when reading books... like the one I'm loving right now, I start using words like "tarnation/ gracious me/ whereupon/ forsooth".
(Maybe I share a mockingbird's instinct?)

:: The house is warm with fresh bread (that my Ben made) and chocolate chip banana muffins that I baked right afterwards... (I was seeking a 'vehicle' for the chocolate chips other than my hand-to-mouth standby).

:: The kids have been sickly this weekend... (right on the heels of me remarking how they've been healthy for so long!... I'll keep my big mouth shut next time).

:: Oh, and guess what?!  Our 6.5 month Hudson finally slept through the night last night!!!
(Can you tell I'm happy?)  Seriously... it was getting stupid.crazy around here.  I kept trying to get him to 'graduate' to sharing a room with Azriel, since keeping him with us meant waking up every few hours to 'nurse-him-back-to-silence'.
The brainwave this past weekend was to put him in the other room and bring the good sleeper Azriel into ours.
We just may know what sleep/sanity looks like again around here.

:: Tomorrow is the big back-to-school hype... which has me thinking about what on earth we plan to do with our kids in the future (still on the fence about variations of home-schooling vs. school systems).

::  Sometimes I wish I was more high-tech... or could at least read computer code, so that I could make desired changes with this blog.  Arghh.

::  The house is quiet again, the crickets are chirping, time to enjoy a warm muffin with a tall glass of vanilla almond milk... and get back to the swamp!

this post
my brain,
thanks for being here.

Mel ;o)


  1. Glad you're still in the swamp :o)

  2. It was really nice visiting with you guys last week. Hope we can do it again soon.

    Great work strategising your way to a good sleep. I remember those days with a mixture of fondness and horror.

  3. Yes, it was good fun having you boys (still want to meet the mrs!). Sleeplessness is one of the cruelest tortures... but always gets looked back on more 'nostalgically' it seems ;o)

  4. ... thanks to you lovely! xo

  5. I'm the same way with accents. I have to try really really hard not to "impersonate" people when we chat. Pretty much any kind of speech-quirk is fair game... I am really good with accents, as a result, and show off at parties when no one from that particular dialect-tribe is present! HA!

  6. Well thank goodness for SLEEP! Lots of sleep! That was the one thing my body didn't take to well with the babies... getting the shakes just thinking of it. lol. Thrilled for your new found solution!

    This is our first year with all 4 monkeys in school. From a completely non-judgemental point of view... we didn't want to do pre-school or JK (such rebels) so our youngest is starting SK this week. Sigh, bring out the tissues for this mama bear. So proud of them, but miss them all buckets. Thankful our school is NOT the full time Kindergarten program because I know we would not have been there 5 days a week (for us it wouldn't have been the right fit). Like all things parenting, education is a personal journey/decision so follow your heart as it always knows best & you will make the right choice for you & yours.

  7. Danielle!! I've missed you, and your 'shut down' blog (?).. was hoping to hear from you again so I could get the secret password to your world.. or something?! lol... I agree with your sentiments about the schooling! Sorry it was such a hard day, I can't imagine that moment yet - nor, do I want to.... it's such a blur isn't it?! Hope you're keeping well tho! xo

  8. haha... good to know! ;o)

  9. I could comment on your words, but today, I just want to tell you this one thing: "You look GORGEOUS in that photo. Like seriously, girl, you're one hawt momma!" Hehe. But, for serious, you're a looker. Plus you're smart and funny. You've got it all.

  10. bahahaa! I'll pay you later for that compliment! You're tute sweet ;o)

  11. Keeping very well (little one has transitioned just like his oldest siblings to school... no major issues at all... very proud of them all).

    Blog is gone for now... too darn busy with family life & photography. I will contact through your contact on the blog so we can stay in touch.

    Love the wedding pictures you shared today. Just a perfect setting and day!


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