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Yes, friends ~ I'm still upcycling my wardrobe over here.
This week's edition is a fun spin on wearing something from the bottom and putting it up top instead...
...turning old pants, into a vest, that is.
So, I had these super saggy, frumpy, tan pants loitering around my dresser for years.  They seemed too fancy to toss because they were 100% silk  (looks/feels like smooth cashmere).
I wanted to selvage the pockets, which inspired me to make a vest with them.
Using a vest I already had (much to my guy ben's chagrin)... I made a pattern to use the legs of the pants for the vest front.  I also chopped off the waistline to use as a 'belt' section on the vest... which made me feel quite clever.
While I dream of looking like this in it... I still wonder if it's not just a feminine spin on a vest more often seen on a fly-fisherman/ safari-guide/ or photo-journalist (?!).
I used some floral denim fabric for a fun pop of colour and pattern on the back (and inside liner).  I forgot to post pictures of actually wearing a belt (or two skinny belts) around the waist to mix with my bohemian beads style (d.i.y here).

My Ben couldn't decide which side he found more repulsive on this project: the floral pattern, or the frumpy front!  I'm still trying to convince him that wearing vests is like, totally cool, man... but he doesn't buy it.  When I remind him that I love lace - and floral - (and it just happens to be trendy too)... he simply states that it looks 'Grandma-ish' to him.  Much like the 'cat-eye' glasses I threatened to buy one time!

What to do?
Wear with flair the craziness I craft... and kill the libido of my husband?
(These are the times I really need a sarcasm font).

Maybe I should just keep it around in case we don't want to have more kids.
That, and a pair of Crocs should do the trick.


What about you?  Do you keep things in your wardrobe even if your partner gives it a thumbs-down?
 I'm curious...

Mel ;o)
*(Note: For those who don't know my Ben, he's not some jock-headed masochist that requires me to dress a certain way... he's a very kind.sweet.husband who embraces most of my wild wardrobe choices... he even thinks I look 'elegant' in jeans and a t-shirt...he just draws the line at vests).

P.S: You can find the past projects of upcycled fashion here!


  1. ha! you are too cute (and so is Ben!). I just came across an old photo of me from high school, and I was wearing - you guessed it! - a vest! Actually, I wore 2 - one of which was my dad's very old one & the other was one I had made. Vests are totally cool. My teenage self thought so (let's not mention that I was the *only* teenager wearing one) and I still do!
    Also, I kinda dig the photographer-meets-safari-meets-grandma vibe of your vest. Total turn-on. ;)

  2. Hehe, thanks sweet Caren.. I'll remember to wear it next time we get to go on a date! And, I totally want to see that vest you MADE!? Way to stand out as a teenager (much like you do now), diamond in the rough, lady. ;o)

  3. You are so dang clever. I swear, you never cease to amaze me with these up cycles. pant legs into a vest!!?! Holy wow. I think the vest is cute and I love the idea of a couple small belts at the bottom. I'm pretty sure I wear all kinds of weird things that don't do it for my guy, but he keeps his mouth shut, for the most part. But the truth is, that kid is full of clothes that I just can't stand. He looks like a doofus 30 per cent of the time. So, I figure if I wear an outfit he doesn't like, he can just deal with it! ;)

  4. Hehe, yes my ben knew what he was getting in to when he married me... a 'unique dresser' for sure! I like to tease him about half his outfit choices too... since we both know we love each other even if we were just wearing rags! THanks for the 'upcycling' encouragement!! ;o)

  5. This is so awesome!
    Love the belt.

    And sure I have some stuff that makes my man take a few BIG gulps!
    But then so does he!

  6. hehe, thanks you! As long as BOTH sides have to gulp once and a while, I figure it's a pretty even match here too....!
    xx have a wonderful weekend mama... hope the mail comes soon there!!

  7. Russ doesn't understand most of my wardrobe choices. But it's been like that for most of our marriage, so he has learned to keep his mouth shut! HA!

    I don't know what people have against vests. I think they are awesome...and usually very slimming (if you like that sort of thing :-) I love the floral on the back of yours. Also, I can't believe you had silk pants! Kudos on the upcycle!!

    I like that other comment about "safari Grandma"....very awesome.

  8. Ha! I'm with you.. vest are awesome, thank you very much. I really just wanted to avoid the 'grandma vibe' in our marriage since I'm already the 'cougar' here!! ;o) Thanks for the compliments on it too! xx

  9. You are funny. i mean really. i think i must be crazy sometimes then i read your posts (for the first time today!) and - what a relief - i'm not the only one! My dear farmer husband has very traditional tastes and i have to frequently choose between wearing "with flair or killing the libido"!! haha

  10. Ha! Well I'm delighted to have you here at the nest.. and also, to help you feel a little less 'crazy' with my craziness. ;o) Thanks for stopping in!

  11. My sweetie has sworn that if I wear "THAT" in public, he won't be seen near me, so those I give up, unless it's truly dearly loved and then I wear it to work instead of wearing it around him. He often rolls his eyes at some of my work choices, but hey, I work in a kid's clothing store, so I am on the floor and moving around dirty shipping boxes. I try to be more considerate and wear things he likes to see me in when we are hanging out together, although there are a few snuggly sweaters that I know aren't flattering, but are so cozy, that I wear them at home anyway. He's got a few of the same sort of thing. ;) Great job on the upcycling all the time! Keep up the creative spirit! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, ever!


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