happiness is home-baked...

 I've been feeling overwhelmed lately.
Which is rare for me... I'm pretty chill about most things in life, usually.
Call it a convergence of all those issues that face most of us on any given day:
relationships. finances. parenting. time-management. finances. cleaning/purging the house etc.

 I've even been feeling extra neurotic lately... you know, that 'special' part of the female brain that says everything you're doing just isn't enough.  All your hard work just isn't enough.  All the attempts at good-parenting, good-friending, good-wife'ing... just isn't enough.

So, since I was set on having such a big.fat.pity-party.. I figured the best step was to make cupcakes!  (My daughter even said 'happy birthday'.. to no one in particular).

 Nothing like chasing the gloomies out of my head, with a yummy chocolate.orange.fudge.coffee cupcake stuffed into my face.
(This is the part where I probably start to sound like an emotional-eater..).

For what it's worth, it did make me feel better.

Life is a beautiful. messy. wonderful. painful. glorious. torturous. full journey isn't it?
Sometimes I see the big picture of it all and get overwhelmed.
Sometimes I see all the itty bitty details and get.. overwhelmed.

God grant me the eyes to see every moment - good or bad - as just that... a mere moment.
 These too, shall pass.

May I simply savour the sweetness of the souls I share these days with.
The delight in a cupcake together.
The warmth of a home.
And, be overwhelmed by His grace that carries me. 

Oh, and the fact that we got Azriel on the potty in time today!
 That was pretty great.  Gross, but great.

That is all.
Mel ;o)


  1. Mmmmmm! And no, not creepy :) You totally get my humor ;) You are a fabulous all of those things, I know what you mean, but honestly you are so inspiring!

  2. Oh, phew... and.. woo! Glad you 'get' me, and I you ~ cuz you're great. Thanks so much for the sweet encouragement here. xx

  3. I am right there with you Mel. Some days are so crazy. I had a morning from..... somewhere horrible. I'm glad you made cupcakes- the smell of something baking is enough to cheer me up.... usually!
    I am SURE you are doing a fantastic job at everything- don't be too hard on yourself. As I'm writing this though, I don't think I'm ready to apply that advice to myself.... why is that?! Something to work on.... lots of love

  4. Aw, thanks Cristi, you know you're my 'sister from another mister' right? Yep. Wish you lived closer... le sigh. xo

  5. Baking is the best thing to do when you're not feeling great! It's my go-to 'not feeling so good' activity (although I've been known to enjoy a lime margarita now and again too). You get the comfort food, the satisfaction that you made something great and you get to share it with those you love!
    It can be hard to see it the way it really is all the time (I know I have my days), but just so you know Mel, you are always enough- just because you are you!xox

  6. Aw, you're sweet as those cupcakes to me. thanks YOU! Now you've got me wanting a lime hit too.... mmmmMMMMm! ;o)


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