D.I.Y: layered fabrics scarf.

 If you love hoarding collecting fabric, mixing patterns and wearing scarves...
...here's a do.it.yourself sewing project to enjoy.

I love how this lets me unite a variety of colours, patterns, and fabrics together.
And, it's a unique statement piece that combines with any style of wardrobe.

 Supplies Needed:

+ 5-6 various strips of your favourite fabrics 16" long x 3" wide, roughly (cotton.jersey.knit.silk... anything goes).
+ fabric elastic - 4-5" long.

+sewing machine

 1.  Fold your strips of fabric lengthwise, with the edges folded in for a clean seam.  Run each strip through your sewing machine.

2. Overlap each strip slightly and run one end through the machine to attach them all.
(Don't worry about the unfinished edge, and sew your elastic to the end of it).

 3. Test the length of the scarf around your neck - with the elastic included - and mark the loose side of your scarf with a pin for where you would like it to attach.  Sew elastic to the other end, where the strips are also now sewn together... and trim off excess.

4.  Now cut a spare piece of folded fabric that will cover your elastic at the back of the scarf.
Make sure this piece is either 'stretchy' fabric or cut to the length of the extended elastic size.

 5.  Fold this piece of fabric around the elastic but make sure it's inside out.
Sew along the top edge of it to create a tube.

6.  Flip it ride side out, tuck any raw edges back inside.

7. Sew the finished 'tube' over the edges of the scarf strips on both sides of the elastic.

A colourful cuff that stretches at the back to fit over your gorgeous melon.
Hope you have fun mixing and matching your own version!

happy sewing,
Mel ;o)


  1. Very neat! You always make it look so fabulous on you.

  2. Cute idea! And it looks great on you :)

  3. This is stunning Mel.
    You are incredible!

  4. So happy you like it! Thanks lovely. xx

  5. Cute.. like yer face. thanks dude!

  6. Aww, well that's very sweet of you, thanks!


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