D.I.Y: bohemian beaded necklace.

 Time to get groovy, splash on the patchouli, and add some hippy.bohemian vibe to your wardrobe.
This is such a fun and simple project to release your inner artsy side (even for those who don't think they have one):

 Supplies Needed:
*embroidery floss / twine / or necklace wire
*various beads: wooden / glass / stones / shells / mini doilies / etc. 
(*hint: I'll often thrift necklaces just to bust them apart for their beads!)
*a few larger 'feature' pieces: pottered tags I made seen here
*attachment clasp

 1. Stretch out your thread nice and long (4'-5' roughly).
2. I threaded a needle to push it through the beads easily... now start stacking those beads.
NOTE:  the key to capturing the 'relaxed.eclectic.non-conforming' nature of the bohemian style is to not stress the pattern.  The more random the clusters of bead types, the better.
(For some of us OCD brains... you may want to grab beads blindly and string them on!).

To create gaps along the strands, just thread through a bead and loop back around and through again (seen in orange above).. this will anchor a bead in place.

I used some pottered pendants that I had made as feature pieces along the necklace.
You can find a larger focal point for your necklace in any jewellery/bead store.

Have a funky day you free-spirited friends,
Mel ;o)

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