...a mama can dream?

 One of the biggest hurdles in parenting babies/toddlers has got to be sleeplessness... amiright?
We day-dream (because we sure don't get that luxury at night!).. of what a full 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep feels like.

Granted, we were pretty spoiled with our first child.  Azriel was happily sleeping through most nights by her third month.  Then came the big Hud, you may recall what a fitful start we had with him.  Co-sleeping, then bedside bassinet, then playpen... always stuck in our room, always squawking throughout the night.  We just kept waiting (for the last 7+months), hoping he would get 'good enough' to share a room with his big sister.
He could inherit her crib, she could have the 'big girl' bed... (though, she doth protest).

 Currently we're in transition mode.
First step: bring the good sleeper Azriel in our room (playpen).. let Hudson get used to his new space in her room (he's already sleeping longer now!).

Next step: figure out how to get them both to share the space and slumber time.  I've already tried to prepare Azi by saying: "If your brother wakes up crying in the night, you can sing him a song"....she's been practising in the day now. Ca-utie!

 Ben and I are dubious of having much sleep-success to start... but I'm still optimistic it will work... eventually.  Any tips?

The only part that worries me most is the impish nature of our gal.
Though she loves him, I fear her expressions of that s-mothering while left alone with him.

See?!  I rest my case.
I wonder how good those crib bars are at keeping the wild things outside of the cage?

I guess I'll just wait for when they're teenagers... then we can all sleep IN together.

A mama can dream, right?
Mel ;o)


  1. Holy man! Their bedroom couldn't be any cuter and the first photo of them lying together where Az has her thumb in her mouth... SO ADORABLE. I hope they learn to sleep together nicely without any smothering. Good luck with the transition!

  2. Hey, thanks dude! I totally love their room.. it's my favourite spot, the colour, the sun it gets, how everything in their room is mama-made practically.... a happy place (despite the wailing sometimes, lol). We hope they think so too. ;o)


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