There he is, the great hunk of handsomeness, Hudson.
Doing what he does best... crying, pooping, burping, cooing, chillin' like a cucumber.
Now this is the part where I have a small episode of hyperventilating over the fact that my boy is over 8 months old all of a sudden!  Do your kids just start getting exponentially bigger, faster, the more offspring you have?

Seems like 'the Big Hud' is going to be catching up to his big sister in no time at this rate.
She's turning 3 in just over a month... and they're still sharing the same diaper size (though I'd love to say she's potty-trained by now... ).
Anywho, the excuse for over-saturating the blog with all this cuteness today is so I can link up with lovely Morgan over at Mama Loves Papa for her Small Style reunion!
Loved connecting with many mamas from there last year... and just wanted to jump back aboard to say hello today - and look: there's two in our nest now!
Azriel & Hudson's outfits are thrifted/gifted/second-hand mixes:
His knit sweater:: Old Navy
paint-splattered jeans (ha!)::Sears.

Most days I don't try to sweat how stylish these two are.. so much as, 'are they wearing something that fits anymore?!'

Azriel sometimes 'sweats' the little things a bit too much... like, what does a penguin and cheese have in common?
What caption would you give this shot? ;o)

Cuties' mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Stephanie Precourt20 September 2012 at 07:52

    Oh I don't know about a caption but I love your photos and that sweater!


  2. I love their little coordinating outfits! Adorable. And seriously, I think you were pregnant or had just given birth to your sweet boy when last I visited. He is just gorgeous.

  3. I swear, kids grow during blinks. I love looking at photos of your children, mostly because it reminds me I never take enough of my sweet little man. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank YOU Natasha, any old excuse I can find to cram more shots of my kids in here! ;o) How old is your lil' guy now? I swear, taking photos is sometimes the only way I can convince myself that they were one 'littles'... they do grow right when you blink for sure!

  5. Thanks Suz! Lovely to have you pop by the nest again.. love the small stylers for that fact, too.
    Time sure flies around here it seems... trying to savour every second of his adorableness! ;o)

  6. hehe, thanks Steph! I wish I had an 'adult' sized one for me.. and my hubs.. it's such a great sweater.

  7. Yay yay! So glad to have you for Small Style! And, oh my! I can't believe he is 8 months already AND I can't believe how cute both of them are! Also, they do get bigger faster the more you have. Definitely. :)

  8. Thanks for being the lovely hostess, you! That's scary that it keeps getting faster then, you must feel like you just gave birth to Fin.. and now she's adorable lil' girl mode! xx

  9. Oh goodness, such super cute kiddos you have! Love their style! :)

  10. I LOVE your boy's jeans. Really, I totally dig his whole outfit. Seriously rad. Your girl's tights are super cute too. And judging from my performance on Small Style this week (I failed to mention that my girl's dress had choclate ice cream stains all down the front), I don't sweat their everyday style either. Heee.

  11. You are SO blessed!
    My kids love those Penguins too!
    Me too...

  12. hehe.. me three! Thanks Nicky, they are a blessing for sure~ xx

  13. Those jeans kill me.. paint splatters?? really?? So funny! Thanks for popping your sweet melon in here Erica ~ despite the chocolate, brown marker, sweaty chaos of your days...! lol

  14. ha! love the first picture of Hudson sportin the cool guy just chillin in the chair pose. love the quizical azzy and cheese penguin pic too


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