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You know that moment when you're travelling in a new place and you stop to look at one of those billboard maps... and they have a big red arrow saying: "You are here"?  
Well, consider this post to be that arrow.
I wanted to do a bit of looking (and linking) back to where this blog has journeyed, point out a few of the signs along the way, and even look ahead to a few more destinations here.

If you're relatively new to this blog, I want to extend a special welcome ~ glad to have you perch at this nest!  You can learn a bit more about who I am/why I blog by peeking in here.  Or, if you'd rather watch/hear me ramble via video (vlog) you can hop here and here
Or, if you've been here for quite a while ~ thanks for still coming back again, I hope it's starting to feel like home for you!
Now, if you look to the right (you'll miss everything on the left.. baha! sorry...)...um, where was I?  Oh right, the right side-bar --------------------------------------------> is where you'll see some fancy new buttons to make 'finding' and 'following' this blog easier for you.  I also finally caved, and added that "Google friends" gadget for those of you who want to join the nest of fine feathered friends.  Lovely!

Another feature on that side bar is called Popular Posts... which is pretty self explanatory, but I bring it up only to point out this staggering fact: having written 490 posts (to date) the most popular one is still that blasted "D.I.Y: upcycle shirts into toddler harem pants"!!  I'm now convinced that 1/4 of the world has viewed this post (who knew so many want to sew harem pants?!).  Actually, 4, 255 people to be exact.  What kills me is that this was the very first in-depth d.i.y I ever posted (since then I've done over 60 new projects).

I love creating.  I love inspiring others to create.  I love my Creator.
I photograph. I ponder. I pontificate.
I sew. I style (upcycled fashion). I stay-at-home-mama it.

I'm currently storing up the photos of upcoming d.i.y's, upcycled fashion (bloopers) and more sentiments on parenting... while we still wait for our new laptop cord to arrive.
(I can't load pictures on to this fossil I'm currently using).

But I just wanted to say I'm glad you are here, I'm honoured to be part of your journey.
I'm also curious what brought you here?

For those who have the time/desire to comment, I'd love to hear what the first post was you read here was... and/or why?  (I already know many of my favourite readers/blog friends first arrived via those harem pants!) hehe.

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. I came here a long time ago and didn't know that I knew you but I did know that you were in Peterborough and thought you were familiar to me. I can't remember how or why I first arrived in your nest- a link from Elycia maybe? I visited a few times but never left you a comment. And then, you sweet thing, you discovered my blog and unraveled our sordid past! Ha! And now I'm a devoted needle and nest (Mel) lover :)
    I have no idea what the first post was that I read. I really enjoy reading your blog andI think your up-cycling stuff is the bomb and it totally inspires me. Thanks for being supa dupa!

  2. Twas the harem pants! Serendipity at its finest! xoxo mama!

  3. I started by reading your very first post of your very first blog... and then when you started this one I kept on reading cause.... I've been stalking you for years ;o)! But you knew that! Just can't get enough of you by phone, internet or in person :o)

  4. Awwwww... you're just such a mushy face! Which.. is why you're my bestie! ;o) xo

  5. what the? Your comment DID post! hehe... thanks so much for your sweet words, I'm so glad we came across each other's paths again (thanks to that elycia both ways!). Finally back online here... woo hoo! ;o)

  6. I believe, although it's sort of hard to remember now, that you commented on my blog and that's what led me to yours. And, I believe, the first post I read was one of your very honest posts about parenthood. I remember commenting and telling you that, although I don't want kids myself and although I don't generally like reading about other people's kids, your honesty and willingness to admit that it's not all rainbows and sunshine was enough to keep me coming back. I still really admire that in you. I have MANY friends with kids these days and they all refuse to admit that it's hard and that sometimes they reach their breaking point and need to just have five minutes to collect themselves. Maybe I need to point them all to your posts and then they'll realize it's OK to feel overwhelmed and it's OK to want a moment of silence and it's OK to complain, even if it's just for a second so it's out in the open and off your chest. So, anyway, you're an inspiration. I may not know you IRL, but I know that you're an open, REAL human being, who sees the good in people and your surroundings.
    Now that I've written you a novel about how amazing you are, I'm going to press post and sit on my couch blushing about how much I just gushed! Wow. Girl crush much...

  7. Harem pants? lol. I have been visiting your sweet nest for quite some time now & have not read the harem pants post. Now I must do!!! Sent you an email that is completely unrelated. :-)

  8. Hehe, harem pants.. I know, right?! Craziness, indeed. I'm delighted that you've been visiting this nest ~ and still wishing I could visit yours again... blog .blog .blog (that's me chanting). Your e-mail was sweet torture, thanks for throwing the temptations my way! ;o) xx

  9. See that FULL moon out there tonight.. well, I'm glowing brighter than that for all your kind,sweet, mushy goodness you just heaped on my heart!! Thanks for being such a fun, friendly part of the interweb ~ I'm truly honored that you share it with me here... and I'm glad you find me to be 'real'... I am quite keen on being that way as much as I can be! ;o) xx You're awesome!

  10. well, i can't tell ya the first post i read....but i feel like i've been here for awhile ;) did we find each other from small style? i can't even remember. i've always been attracted to your honesty, your creativity and your beautiful style of writing. it keeps me coming back. and the fact we would probably be friends in real life ;)

  11. Awww thanks Liz.. I agree ~ we can settle for blog friends.. tho I would love to meet you in real life too! ;o) xx

  12. haha, love the harem pants, cant remember when the first time I read one of your posts was

  13. hehe, thanks Nat... probably the first post was when you started 'stalking' me! lol

  14. I think I came for the harem pants too. hehe That was quite awhile ago though so I have been here for a bit. :) I made the big loose drapey shirt with lace across the back, and I have some of your other ideas saved. :)

  15. I'm SO glad you did Anna, and delighted that you've been inspired to create too ~ double bonus points for you! Hope your family crew is keeping well? ;o)


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