shop the nest:: (NEW) doily earrings!

 Hello lovelies!
Things have been quiet around the shop here lately (as I've been creatively engaged on various other projects)... so I thought it was about time to open the doors again.

Sharing the doily-delight again... 

 While I still have the original white doily earrings available, these NEW variations have a warm taupe tone to them (like the colour of driftwood found along the shore).
$10 Cndn (FREE shipping worldwide)

For those of you who are more dainty and delicate doily delighters... these wee wonders may suit your style.
Also in the antique taupe tone.
$7 Cndn. (FREE shipping worldwide).


If you would like to have both sets in your nest you'll score a better deal ($15 total for both pairs).  You can e-mail your order preference at needleandnestdesign@live.com.
I have PayPal located at the sidebar for your convenience -------------->

Yes, the shop is still open, but get them while supplies last!
(Any other items are still available by order there too).

Have a beauty-full day,
Mel ;o)


  1. So want the wee ones now!
    What do you think should I give my Postal System another chance?

  2. hehe, I was going to e-mail you and see if you wanted a pair, I would try, try again (maybe I need to tape a 'bribe' cookie to the outside for the mail man?!)... please e-mail me your digits again and I'll send you a fresh attempt (on me). xo


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