sunbeam and shadows...

A hike through the woods is always enchanting.
As autumn sends a delicious shiver along my bones and the tree branches.
While everything creaks, cracks and sparkles around us.

 My lil' red riding hood, white wolf dog Hazel and I, darting amongst the sunbeams and shadows.

 I try to capture that sunlight as it dances along the water, our hair, the leaves, the fur...

I also want to capture the shadows... so I've been experimenting with 'underexposing' my shots lately:

I find these shots only work well if there's a bright element within the composition... otherwise they just look dark and dull.  Maybe I'm missing some feature to compensate with on my camera (?)  Usually I'm a 'stick-with-one-setting' kind of photographer, so it's rare for me to play around with my camera too much.  I'll likely be staying with my sunlight saturated shots overall.

In other news, I realised afresh what outfit I feel most 'me' in (that's normal right? To feel like the moment you put on an outfit that it may as well be part of your skin, your core fibres.).  It was this outfit for hiking:

~thick knitted toque~
~long hooded sweater~
~old canvas bomber jacket~
~cozy wrist warmers (homemade)~
~ripped, faded jeans (Ben's actually)~
~warm brown leather boots~

I'm not sure what that means... but I think cozy and comfortable far outweigh any desire to be cool or chic for this mama.

Have a beauty weekend chasing sunbeams, friends!

Mel ;o)


  1. I quite enjoy the contrast in your "underexposed" shots. It's fun to play around with settings in a "no pressure, just for fun" kind of zone. I keep meaning to pull out my big fancy camera, and the changing season might be just the inspiration to do that. Put away my little point and shoot for a day, and take a photo walk.

    And I love your "What to Wear When Tromping Around the Woods" outfit. Looks very comfy...looks very YOU! (And heck...isn't that the point of fashion anyway?!)

  2. hey thanks! It is fun to play around with a camera.. especially with the ease of a 'digital' that you can just erase the lamo ones. Agreed - fashion must be ME to be on me! ;o) I love YOUR style on that bicycle by the way!!

  3. beautiful captures!
    enjoy your crisp winter!

  4. thank you! Well.. I LOVE fall.. but I tend to get a bit in hibernation mode for winter! ;o) xx


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