Where we hung our hat:

 We flew the coop here this week.
Nothing fancy like the Bahamas, Disney world or Mars...  just the in-laws house.
Yep, they took off for a holiday, so we had another stay-cation at their place!
We do love it here...

 Their house is full of character.history.art.antiques.memories...

 ...everybody got a room to themselves, which you may recall from yesterday's post means a better sleep for all.

 ...we built a fort on the back porch overlooking a huge yard that goes into the woods.

 ...we took care of Hazel the white wonder dog, a.k.a.. the hornet-hunter: she will chase, chomp and chew those wee nasties all over the yard!

 ...Azriel loved to run around the gardens and collect yet another flower for me 
(sorry Nana, your garden is smaller, but my heart is fuller!).

...we hiked through the woods, dipped our feet in the cool creek, and listened to Azriel holler after the dog - "Haaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzeeeelll!!".

But, our very favourite thing about being here?


Beautiful, relaxing, delicious, golden quiet.
The noise of traffic is replaced with crickets.
The loudness of neighbours (no, not our housemates!) is exchanged for bullfrogs. 
While the wind dancing through the towering willow tree is our music.

Gosh, I think we need to move to the country real soon.

That's the beauty around here lately,
hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

Mel ;o)


  1. It sounds like you are having a lovely time. I totally agree that there is nothing like being away from the noise of a city. There are definitely amenities that I miss living in Jasper, but I would gladly trade those for the ability to get in my car to drive five minutes to a lake or five minutes to a trailhead that can take me in on one of twenty different hikes. Hell, I can even walk to a trailhead or two. It's a luxury that you can forget about when you live in a busy city.
    Enjoy every minute!!

    P.S. I notice that you take a lot of self-portraits, which inspires me to give it a try. I often really like your choice of framing. Keep up the good work, mama!

  2. Lovely time indeed! You're in a sweet spot there too, for sure ~ love seeing it too!!
    P.S.. thanks!! (er.. I think) I always struggle with including self-portraits due to how 'vain/narcissistic' it could appear.. but I enjoy seeing other bloggers who show themselves in their 'natural setting' and that's what I try to capture here. You're too kind! xx

  3. ...wherever you go, I'm a-gonna-go-too. xo.


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