colour me: rainy day people

 Just splashing a little brightness into a dull rainy day here.

My wee artist... just like her mama, she knows that true talent rests in the tongue position!

Happy weekend'ing friends.
Mel ;o)
(P.S: If you missed the cutest video ever of her painting... it's still here).


  1. Ha! I love that she's so concerned about getting dirty. Good idea having a little hand washing station right there. It's a gorgeous sunny day here in Jasper. I'm just struggling to drag my butt of my cozy couch. I think a mushroom hunting adventure is in order.

  2. Hey buddy! Yes, she was quite 'ocd' during that video of her paint session... cute tho! Her water bowl for her brushes turned into that hand washing basin! lol
    Oh suuuurrrrreee, you get all the nice weather - and you're stuck on the couch! Hope you found some fungi fun to enjoy the day with! xo

  3. Cute! Looks like you're having fun! ♥

  4. that's the key ingredient I'd say! ;o) Annnnd... woo-hoo, your comment actually posted here.. it's magical. lol When are you guys headed this way again??

  5. Linking to Twitter is the secret ;)
    now that school has started, I don't even know! We made it up to my brother's cottage on labour day weekend for another blink or you'll miss it trip. I wish I could come and stay with my mom for a whole week! Oh, there's a PA day on the 28th. Maybe we'll come up that weekend? I'll let you know!

  6. Weeeeee, blog friends reunited by small style. I love it!! Your girl looks so big now! And I love her haircut! Especially the bangs. And the colour palate she selected for this masterpiece? Kinda totally rad.

  7. Yes, isn't it wild to see all these kiddos getting so big!! eeep! Thanks, I chop her hair just like her mama's ;o)


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