Hi friends, hiiiiiii.

I'm kind of going to put myself *out* here today... in a fun way.. maybe... depending on you, really.  Remember those 'Choose your own Adventure' books as kids, where you could pick how you wanted the story to continue and flip to the designated pages you chose? (I always cheated and read the final outcome to pick my way through the adventures... lamo me).

Anyway, that's my proposal/idea/game for you to play today.
Not for lack of post ideas (y'all know by now I blog more than a crazy person) but more for the fun of giving you dedicated readers some 'choice' here... I'm going to format a week's worth of posts completely based on your requests!  Woop woop.

Now, play nice.
I know a pile of good people come here for creative ideas: like my d.i.y's
 or upcycled fashion posts.
Or maybe you love watching our family grow... or hearing my confessions on various topics?
Whatever brings you here, I'm thankful to have you along the journey with us.

I know a lot of you are lovely 'lurkers' who don't comment, and that's fine (though I love getting to interact with you here!).  You're also welcome to comment today, and ask/dare/challenge me to do a new post of your choosing.

Maybe you want to see a 'fashion' post,  or see a vlog, or a 'photo-an-hour' compilation... or ask me to pontificate on some profundity... or burn bake something... whatever.
I'm game.

So bring it.
Bring it on.

I'd love to hear what you'd love to see here... even if it's a request to just.STOP.blogging for a week already! hahah. (my hubs will likely write that one).

Ok, have fun....and, go!
You rock.

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. Blue Lace Daisy1 March 2013 at 08:22

    Hello, I think that it would be cool to see something you cooked/baked....

  2. hmmm....topics that come to mind are
    your testimony,
    a house tour (<---- my favorite:),
    photo an hour sounds fun...but that one is hard.
    Ive tried it like 10 times and never get past hour two:).

    Sounds like a fun week of posts no matter what the topics!
    Love your blog!

  3. I love Krista's idea of a house tour. You could make that an entire week's worth of posts. A room a day!

    Umm... just to be a jerk... I'm going to say, please do another vlog. :)

  4. i would like to hear a high school story. or maybe hair styles that you have head? the best and the worst? bring it on mama! happy weekend to you and yours. xo

  5. *had obviously but i was thinking of your head. lol

  6. hehe... does it have to be edible? Ok.. that's a deal! ;o)

  7. Those are great ideas! Thanks lovely, (I may just show links to my past house tour.. not much has changed...lol). Love YOUR blog too... obviously. ;o) xxxx

  8. haHA! A vlog it shall be... oh but what to speak about.. maybe the utter jerkiness of some sweet jerks I know! lol ... to be continued. xx

  9. Ha! Highschool...? Wow... I barely remember that stage of life (thankfully!) but I'll try and come up with something. Hairstyles sounds fun! Thanks Claudia. xx

  10. Music you love! That would be nice! And I do love your crafting, lady! Fun idea!

  11. Ooh... maybe I could work music loves into a vlog - two birds, one stone, baby! ;o) xx

  12. i love this idea of daring your readers to tell you what to blog about! i may have to still this idea in the future ;)

    as for what i like to see... hmmm.... i always like the bare your soul type of posts. like sharing a secret you've never shared with us..or your honest opinions on a certain topic. i dont know, those types of posts always make me feel more connected.


  13. You may 'still' it.. just don't steal it... haha, weirdo YOU! ;o) Thanks for the prompt.. I always like a good heart-baring confession/rant/hash out. I'll see what needs 'airing'.... xx

  14. haha sometimes my brain thinks one thing and my fingers type something else. who knows lately my brain has been pretty mushy!

  15. I want Ben to give you an afternoon off and for you to go on a little adventure all by yourself. Just out for a walk in the 'hood or whatever you decide to do and take photos of what you do and tell us about it. ♥
    xox Andrea

  16. Awww.. that seems like a very sweet suggestion - lets see if we can swing it here sometime! (Now, why didn't anyone suggest that I do a post about how much chocolate I can consume in one sitting?! That would be reaaallly sweet! lol) Thanks for the idea! xx


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