away I go...

 While the kids (and baker man) were tucked into bed,
and the sun still had another hour left of shinin'... I pulled out my bicycle.

I rode down past the tiny war time houses,
and beside the river that weaves through our city.

 I rode out past the highway overpass,
and out past the city limits.

 I rode past the patchwork farm fields,
and grazing cows,
past the dandelions tossing their golden manes,
and the black birds darting over fence posts.

 Out here the roar of the city grew quiet.
The wind howled through my hair, and my heart thumped in my ears.
While the peepers and crickets raised their chorus.

Out here I was free to explore.
To find a hidden path through a glowing meadow.
A place of quiet rest.

I licked the salt from my lips,
and raised the canteen to my mouth.
I biked home again.
These simple moments of 'getting away' alone vitalise my spirit.
The rarity of their occurrence in this stage of life makes them all the more eagerly savoured.

Where do you love to find refreshment?

Biking mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Wonderful! So glad you were able to get away alone and satisfy that vagabond part of your soul! Beautiful photos!
    Sorry I haven't been around lately, life has been bonkers. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

  2. Nicola Rothmann17 May 2013 at 07:55

    Just beautiful!

  3. questionsfromlily17 May 2013 at 07:59

    what a beautiful place to bike around!!!! all i have is concrete jungle. happy weekend!

  4. The cherry blossoms were in bloom in High Park last week. I sat under them for hours reveling in doing nothing but watching them grow. Awesomely refreshing.

  5. Like watching astro-turf grow? ;o) I love this time of year for all the flowering trees.. even the air was thick with their perfume while biking! Glad you found a piece of green in the big city there Matt! Squeeze that handsome baby from me... ;)

  6. mhhhmmmm... for that green I am truly thankful!! I will have a full/fun weekend - and working.. hehe.. have a great one there! xx

  7. much like yerself, thanks Nikki. ;o) xx

  8. Hey thanks for being patient with this post request, lol.. anytime I got out 'alone' I was with a gal pal doing fun stuffs like shopping at fabric shops, hanging art, cafe chillin.. but for just ME it is rare to get out alone. ;o) SEE you sooooooon!

  9. Jen and I love biking. <3 I could never bike alone, biking with her is where I find my freedom and my happiness. There is something amazing about biking... It's peaceful, yet so energizing. It's a sense of accomplishment too, even the shortest of rides. I am SO glad I learned last year and this year Jen bought me the prettiest cruiser, black and purple, neither dainty nor extremely tough and just perfect for me.

  10. Sounds lovely! I'm always tempted by the cruiser style - it looks so 'elegant' and relaxing... I'm still atop my mountain bike - but not a big fan of it's size./shape. Happy cruisin' there!


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