here + there.

dandelions + dandy locks.
farm fields + photo shoots.
bringing home bones.
thrifted teapot ($1!!!) Cock-a-doodle-doo!
sunshine + laundry line.
still lovin' that lime.
Azriel's abstract (mama's masterpiece).
still stuck on her.
Another week another peek at the moments in our nest.
Wow, I still feel like we're soaking up the colour and chaos of this new season around here.
It seems like a distant memory that winter was so long, so dreary.. so monochromatic in comparison.
And the colour I'm basking in lately?  Gorgeous glowing green.
The grasses are vibrant from spring rain.
The trees are budding and blooming with chartreuse.
It's kind of the 'theme' of many shots here today.
It's shaping up to be a pretty sweet week here... we're enjoying our annual stay.cation again.
I get a hot date tomorrow with my dudes (Ben and lil' Hudson).. while Azriel has a play-date with the grandparents.
I'm also eager to shop with some fun birthday gift cards burning a hole in my wallet ~ Fabricland, Value Village, Old Navy, Winners.. here I come!!
Shopping about once a year for myself makes this spree a real treat! ;o)

I'm just starting into a new book I got for my birthday too.. Eyes Wide Open (not to be mistaken with the Tom Cruise movie!) and the basic premise is how we all strive for beauty.... even down to our basic delight in a cup of coffee, a piece of art or a stirring song... but that all of these expressions of beauty are pointing to something deeper/bigger... the source of Beauty itself ~ God.  I'm liking what I've read so far, it's always good to be reminded that the Giver behind the 'gifts' is worthy of the attention and delight of our hearts.
Speaking of art and beauty.. I'm holding the (late) opening for my Skyscapes art show at Black Honey this upcoming Monday (june 3rd) for you locals who would like to attend!
4-6pm ~ c'mon out and say hello!

I hope your week is treating you beauty-fully as well?
What's been new this week?

Mel ;o)


  1. i'm loving all your green too!! that first picture is a stunner. looks like a painting. that teapot? cutest thing ever. and love the colors in Azriel's painting. happy week!! xo

  2. hehe, thanks Claudia! We're seeing green - and commenting on each other's blogs.. all in each other's heads again!! lol xx


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