[M.M.17] still holding on...

Welcome back to Monday Mamalogues!
'Linking up to share the beauty and breakdowns of motherhood'.

Yes, this bundle of pudge still falls asleep in my arms.
Yes, it melts my heart every.time.
The hardest part is heaving him into the crib letting him go. 

Thanks for all your encouragements last week, when I announced my partial return to the 'work world'.  So far it's been a nice transition.  I enjoy my work and am eager to play with colour!
Coming home to my family is like Christmas every time too... this lil' guy comes racing (crawling) over to me and clings like a koala around my neck.  Daughter Azriel tends to pretend she didn't even notice I was gone... yeah, that stage.  Either way, I soak up all the snuggles I can to last me through the work days... and savour time spent with them all the more (except when the whining drones on.. that's still hard to enjoy).  But I adore them!

So, here we are - both parents working'ish... both home with the kids'ish.
Two - or three - shifts a week, just enough to keep the balance.. balanced.

This blog may seem a little topsy-turvy as we all try to find our rhythm here.
Days at work means spending the days in-between on household duties/visiting/everything else!  Blogging will be the bonus when/if I have the energy for it.
But I hope you'll stick around, friends - you're still a sweet part of my world here!

*Stay tuned for tomorrow's giveaway too!* 

Feel free to link up to today's random mama rant with anything on your mama heart,

Mel ;o)


  1. that little bundle.... those legs.... yum!!! glad to hear it is all going well with work and that you are finding a rhythm and balance. happy monday!

  2. ..yes he's pretty delectable!! heh! Thanks sweets, it's a very happy fun/full holiday monday here in Canada! ;o)

  3. I'm melting into a puddle here. This photo reminds me of when Julia says to me (still, at age 14), "Mommy, we FIT each other!" It's true... when we hold other people's children, no matter how snuggly/cute/whatever, they feel like pieces from a different puzzle. Thanks for sharing again, Mel.

  4. Gypsy in Jasper20 May 2013 at 21:55

    I can't even imagine what it must be like to have kids, work, have a husband, create and attempt to maintain a blog. I'm having a hard time just having a demanding job, a boyfriend and a blog. There's just too much on the go to maintain everything.
    I hope you figure out your stride and that every time you leave the house, you're greeted with hugs and lots of love when you return. xoxo

  5. hehe.. yeah, its a bit of a juggling act it seems... but the priority is family, work... and then these 'fun' extras if we're lucky! Sorry if it means we don't get to interact as often tho.. still lovin' ya over here! ;o) THanks for the sweet words as always.

  6. awww... sounds like a line from one of my favourite songs - such great heights: fitting one another like puzzle pieces! xx


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