seasons change.. and so do we:

 I guess it's fitting that I just got this tree mug for "Mother's Day"...(the leaves change from brown to green when hot drinks fill it).  Because the times, they are a-changing.

As I hinted at last week, there's some new developments happening here.
Namely, this stay-at-home-mama is now going back to work!

Only part.part-time that is.
But, literally back to work... at my past workplace ~ Benjamin Moore Paint Store!

It's been a recent whirlwind of coinciding coincidences that brought us to this point.
+ Our baker Ben has been trying to find more work in a city (in)famous for unemployment.
+ Both our Mom's suggested that maybe I could pull a few shifts somewhere - and they would help watch the kids.
+ My old boss kindly (generously) took this prodigal worker back (after the various times I have 'quit/traveled/left' in the past nonetheless!).
+ Ben is also home early enough in the morning to watch the kids for the couple days that I go in to work now too.

So, yah, that was all a bit sudden.
I'm still processing how I feel about it all...

 The mushy-sentimental-mama-side of me is feeling some abandonment issues.
(Yes, especially when I picture them sitting at the window awaiting my return..!).
I want to be home with them.

But sometimes I remember these moments too....
...and am eager to have a small escape from the chaos.

But, I do know that I will be so eager to run home and hold them extra tight on work days.

So, back to work.. for the first day - TODAY!
(So, of course the babe has been up every two hours since 2am.. woo!).
Back to work also means BIKE to work... so that's going to be a great motivator to get me back in shape!

Paint is in my blood.
I'm a 'colour geek' and still have so many names/codes locked in my head.
So I am excited to be back in that creative element.
With ol' co-worker friends I know.
Back downtown in my home city.
A lot of familiar things to return to.

But I feel different.
I've changed... it's been about 7 years since I've been there.
(I ran an art studio for youth after this job, before having kids).
 I've grown, stretched, lived, learned.
Maybe I'll be a bit less of a dork this time around... maybe.

(Oh, and thank you Value Village 50% sale for supplying my back-to-work wardrobe... no more yoga pants and snotty sweaters for me!).

You mamas out there, do you remember your first day back to work (if you've returned?).
I'm really curious - if you need to have you kids watched (i.e. PAID care, daycare, etc) how does it even add up?  I don't get how one works, and pays someone to watch their child.. but still makes a profit in the end to live off?  Am I missing something?
Unless your job pays double what your 'sitters' hourly wage is I suppose?
Just wondering.....

Ok, so there you have it!
Interior design, colour consultant, paint mixer - mama:
Mel ;o)


  1. I went back to work when J was 2 months old (shocking I know when we get maternity leave but me being the breadwinner meant having our pay cut drastically hurt) full time. We found a sitter who was willing to deal with our hours. Back then my husband worked 5pm-12am so we could drop him off about 3 or 4 and I would pick him up at 6. That's how we did it in the beginning. Then a few job changes and now we're on a schedule of 3 days a week 8 hours a day, $75 a week.

    I was still a hormonal mess 2 months in so it was hard. I remember wanting to cry but I was on antidepressents and couldn't. Those 8 hours were super tough and I was excited to get back home but it got so much easier.

  2. Nicola Rothmann14 May 2013 at 08:07

    A new season!!!
    Only God can know His plans for us and You are one Sweet Lady, so looking forward to seeing more surpises. What happened to the work wardrobe photoshoot???

  3. questionsfromlily14 May 2013 at 08:15

    good for you! if we had family that could watch Lily, i would try to do something part time. but we don't. it's all good. just think about how much more you can add to the work place with how much you have grown and learned. you will rock it! congrats and good luck mama! remember, everything is always bitter sweet. xo

  4. Congratulations... time to celebrate fun changes so be brave dear mama! I too thrifted my tail off at the VV 50% off sale... went Sunday for Mom's Day (with the whole fam... was so fun... at least for me). Let us know how today went... will be thinking of you and cheering you on!


  5. Stacy Kirkbride14 May 2013 at 08:50

    Goodluck and Congrats! Enjoy your first day.

  6. Wow! We thought maybe the news was you were moving out this way! Ha ha. Back to work aye? I'm sure it will take some time to adjust to a new schedule. I hope everything goes smoothly. How often will you be working? It's so nice that you have two grandmothers living nearby that are willing to watch the kids. At least you know they're in good hands. I will be praying for all of you as your lives change in this way. Lots of love.

  7. Hey thanks - it was a pretty chill day to ease back in to the swing of things there! Now I know how you feel about trying to blog annnnnd work! lol xx

  8. Move out there.. heheh.. sorry! Just a couple shifts a week, so nothing too crazy! It's a perfect fit/solution to where we're at right now, so we're thankful for that provision. Thanks sweets. xx

  9. thanks! How's work treating you? ;o)

  10. aww. thanks lovely! Yep, a loooong day but a nice transition back into the groove there. Glad to hear you scored some fun deals at VV too! ;o) Floral mu-mus perhaps? xx

  11. yep.. that's true... a sweet n' sour life at best! Savouring the good in it though for sure, and those are sweet reminders - I do feel more confident there this time around! lol xx

  12. ahah.. no time for photoshoots!! But.. um, we'll see for the future! Thanks love. xx

  13. Oh wow Tash, that must have been so tough, I can't imagine leaving at two months!! You're a champ to keep at it, hope you guys keep finding a pace/schedule that suits your family best there. xx


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