sewing for summer!

 Phew!  Is it just me, or is it getting hot up in here..?
Ontario decided to make up for lost time, diving straight from an extended winter - to summer!  That's all well and good, except for the accompanying *meltdown* of wardrobe issues.
See, after a long hibernation of sedentary living + comfort baking = this mama bear has grown some 'muffin tops' and other such puffiness around the middle.
The notion of 'shoe-horning' myself into my shorts was getting enraging.
The solution was nonetheless humorous.
"I'll sew a new summer line of clothing!" says I.
(Visions of flowing, loose, Rita MacNeil-in-a-mu-mu, kind of options danced through my mind).

As I wadded the piles of fabric through the sewing machine... my man walks by,
"I'll call that the widow-maker" he says.

And like rams bashing skulls on the discovery channel, we've been hilariously debating what makes *good* summer attire ever since!
My 'loose and flowy' is his idea of a 'boat tarp'.
I just refuse to grease myself with butter to fit into an outfit.
Anyways... here's some of the pieces that I've created lately that we both like (miracle of miracles!):

 One yard of fabric.  Basic A-line skirt with a zipper at the hip.
I didn't even hem the bottom because I'm lazy I love the brown/white spots along the lower half...and the white ragged edge to set it off.

 Mmmm jersey cotton.
Guess where this skirt came from?  Yep, that old sewing fail... I just turned the shirt upside down and cut open the shoulders (removed the lace) and made a funky skirt!
(Yes, life is glamorous here...holding my big boy.. with a creepy Elmo balloon behind us!).

 Oooh, and lastly, here's a sweet simple sewing trick to give your belly/hips a break!
Insert thick elastic in the hip/pockets of your shorts/pants... and all those 'too-tight' pants will fit again!  (I covered white elastic with brown stretchy jersey cotton for those brown cords).
Now you can keep the thrill of maternity clothing with you forever.

I didn't wear a belt... just so you could get the full impact of this heavenly relief.
I may even go eat some more chocolate to celebrate! 

Sew there you have it friends.
Summery solutions and silliness.

Mel ;o)


  1. Geez Louise... the elastic in the pants! I wear dresses/skirts ALL THE TIME because it is so freeing... so waist restrictions. This elastisized solution has my curiosity peeked.... hummmmmm. Wish we were within walking distance so I could bribe you to show me this (ok do it for me because I can only sew straight lines). And yes... we went extender winter (thought I was going to slip into depression it felt so long) to full out goodness it is hot out here. Cheers to being a comfy & most clever mama! Enjoy the day, looks like a beauty.

  2. questionsfromlily7 May 2013 at 09:24

    you have done great!! i always like cotton, loose and light in these crazy hot and humid miami summers. definitely nothing tight or synthetic.

  3. I love how canadian you are! really! i mean, rita mcneil? who else but a canadian would know!!! (and here's a little secret: Jakarta has not been good to my waist line either. i have a whole collection of garments that are my "japan pants" and get zero wear here. so bad is the situation that i had to go out and buy a new pair of jeans because i owned one pair of pants that were not leggings and would fit. this, despite doing corssfit pretty diligently 4x a week. i say, go home body, you're drunk. maybe the solution is mumus after all!!

  4. Nicola Rothmann7 May 2013 at 12:06

    Elastic in pants pockets are hilarious...sorry, but I have to be honest, and oh so tempting, since its winter here now! As for the awesome jersey knit skirt...LOVE!!! My kinda material, no hems, necklines....just sew closed and wear!

  5. Stacy Kirkbride7 May 2013 at 12:16

    Love It! I've just made yet another fail of a linen wrap skirt. I even tried to diligently follow a pattern this time. An ancient pattern for clothing designed when apparently women didn't have bums. Sigh. Back to the drafting board.

  6. Oh nooooo... not a failed linen wrap! Women without bums... they get ya every time. Maybe you could sew in a 'trap door' for the booty. ;o) Or, you know, make an apron again. lol We need to sew together - it could be epic.... or, something.

  7. You know it Nikki! lol... I'm all about *comfort* at this stage of 'fashion' in life... and easy sewing - thank you Jersey knit! xx

  8. Hehe.. take off ya hoser, eh, eh.. maybe I was a bit Canadian there - but she's a legend now! ;o) I'm amazed you haven't *sweated* every calorie off there, jungle woman! Just 'more to love' I figure. xx

  9. Ugh, yes.. no polyester please! I'm so excited to go grab me some more fabric.. now that I just found out my fabric store got me $45 free from a draw I entered.. wooo! You rock those loose, light layers there Claudia! xx

  10. Hehe... I wish I was closer too - if only to hop in your pool!! lol... Ok, this 'tutorial' is the closest thing I could find.. but I'm sure you could google something like this.. it really is as basic as cutting out that piece of pocket (waist) and sewing a wide elastic back in to that spot.. zig-zag or straight stitch - you can do it! ;o)

    Or.. do this: http://cottonandcurls.blogspot.ca/2013/04/take-out-your-jeans-waistband.html

    Hugs mama.


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