here + there.

Another week, another peek at the moment more 'there' than 'here' again.
It's been an utter whirlwind of events lately!

We spent the weekend vacationing with Ben's relatives... an annual Mother's Day reunion.
His Grandparents generously cover the expenses for allll the family to be together!

Despite wet, cold weather... the beach is always a thing of beauty.
There's nothing better than hearing waves crashing outside your door... (I long to live near the ocean).

We also managed to visit with my family, and hang my art show this weekend (with much help from my friend Kiki!)!

As you read previously, I then had my first day back to work.. and lived to tell!

Now, I'm just tired.
So now I'm just going to be thankful,
for a soft bed,
for loved ones snoring beside,
for a calm day tomorrow,
playing and parks,
snuggling and sewing.


How's your week spinning there, friends?
Mel ;o)

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  1. Ooooh a sailboat, could you imagine?! Hope the dust settles for you there, thanks for stopping by ~ have a loverly week too! ;o)


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