turquoise + teardrops.

 Hello lovelies, so where did that week go?!
Somewhere in that blur I managed to bead up some new jewellery:

 I like my own personal creations to have a real eclectic vibe... a funky mix of various beads.
Of course, turquoise pops of colour are my real weakness.
Left: I included my friend Lynn's pottered turquoise button to loop this bracelet around.
 Right: this 'stacking' bracelet has two beaded strands attached together... and I love it!
 On a much more sentimental side of jewellery making: my sister recently brought me this pendant.
It had belonged to our Gram'y.
She passed away many years ago now... but my heart still holds such a tender spot for her - (and my late Grampy).  Gosh we loved them.
They drove us to school every morning.
Grampy would create a silly song or rhyme for us... always calling me "Miss Mew" or "Mewtilda".
Gramy would shake her head and grin at Gramp's teasings... and do this hilarious 'Elvis' lip snarl every time we requested it of her.
I can still feel.hear.smell what their home was like.
The smooth linoleum steps to the cool basement, the kitchen counter of glass jars with candy, the powder puff in the bathroom, the wicker seats in the sun room, the hockey game playing across the couches, the backyard sweeping down into our favourite woods.
We spent so much time with them.  Their home was my second home.

The teardrops always come so easily when I think of these sweet souls.
How much I wish they could have seen their great-grandkids ~ our babies.
Losing a loved one never loses it's impact on your heart.
Time doesn't erase their memory.
Grief is a mirror of the love we hold for them.
How I loved those two: John + June.

So I wear this special memento close to my heart.
I attached it to a double strand of antique bronze chain.

I already had this ring from Gram's collection.. and have loved it always.

Small things, really.
But they hold something much larger.
The memory. the love. the creative style.. of someone I miss deeply.
Do you have keepsakes, mementos close to your heart?

Mel ;o)


  1. Beautiful pieces and such sweet sentiment. There really is no greater gifts in life as love and family. Love your eclectic style lady.

  2. Lovely post, thanks for sharing those tender memories... got the warm fuzzies from your words this morning. I have my Grandma's charm bracelet... love to see the best bits of her life in charms dangling from my wrist... makes me very sentimental of how quick a lifetime can go. Also was given a huge rubbermaid full of my late Aunt's Christmas decorations. It has been years since we lost her and I haven't the heart to open the box up... I think I would melt in a puddle on the spot.

  3. ahhhhhhhhh!!! i just briefly wrote about how i am not good with death and now you have made me cry :( beautiful words. they sound lovely....
    i guess your grammy was a fan of turquoise. so wonderful that you get to wear a piece of her now.
    have a great weekend mama. xo

  4. I have a lot of things kept safe even from people that haven't already passed away. For example from my father youth. But I like to keep them safe somewhere in my bedroom, because I'm too distrated so I'm afraid I might lost them someday. My grandfather from my mother side almost only knew me has his grandchild and he love a lot my mom, so he left some of his treasures to me like his ring that he use all the time. But I don't wear it because I relly have afraid to lose it.
    That necklace it's gorgeous!

    Have a nice weekend!
    Sofia G

  5. yes, the 'things' are sweet treasures - and the memories we can keep safely tucked in our hearts forever! Thanks for being here Sofia. xx

  6. Oops, sorry about that... but I'm glad your heart can be moved - it's better that way ;o) I know, we both seem to have loved turquoise - so fun! Have a lovely weekend too friend! xx

  7. aww, thanks for sharing your lil' heart warming charms here too... it's amazing how much impact these lil' 'trinkets' can hold when tied to someone we care for so deeply, eh? xx

  8. I miss them too.tears..miss them alot..wish they were still here to see your babies too xoxo


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