here + there.

Lilacs, lilacs... everywhere!
a hike. a hat. a hut.
forts + fun.
cats caught cuddling.
homemade waffles for dinner? why not!
sunspots + sweet son.
playdates + pretty pals!  (Photo courtesy of Andrea)
Another week - another peek at a few of the moments that filled our nest!
Can you tell we really, really like getting outside now?!
That patchwork picnic blanket is getting a real work out.. as we fling it here, there and everywhere we go.  Hudson is still *afraid* of the grass.. so he contentedly sits on that blanket while we tear around with Azriel on swings, washing the car, splashing in the kiddie pool, etc.  My mom says Hud is like I was as a baby 'content to just sit, and not try to walk for ages'! Ha.  The lazy gene.

So, yes, that was a full wonderful weekend spent celebrating my birthday with friends and family!  Despite threats of thunderstorms we even got to sneak in a fun morning with sweet Jen (Lucky Jackson) and playful Andrea (Teeto) - almost a year to the day since we'd been all together last time!
Move back to us Andrea! ;o)

It was also a holiday Monday for us Canadians.. so that meant work was busy on Sat/Tues!
I didn't think it was possible.. but I'm even more giddy about helping people choose paint colours than I was a six years ago!
So yah, family + food + friends + work = gratitude to God for all these blessings.

Hope the week is treating you well there friends?
(If you haven't entered - you can still jump in on the giveaway fun this week)!

*older* mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Great photos. What a fun park date we had! Can't wait for our next one :) ♥

  2. fun, fun, fun!! just the way a birthday should be. too funny about Hudson being afraid of the grass. well, at least he stays put. lol your friend Andrea has some beautiful pics on her blog. xo

  3. Exactly.. lil scaredy Hud stays put (for now)!! lol. Yes, Andrea has lovely shots - and creations - you should check her out. ;o) xx

  4. Thanks - and especially for your shot, thanks! I took one of you two I was planning to use, but it was a bit too 'candid' (read: weirdy face expressions... lol!). Lets hope our next get together isn't a YEAR from now! xx

  5. Your cats look adorable!!
    Sofia G

  6. meWow... they say thank you Sofia! ;o)


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