in the swing of things..

Well here it is, Mother's Day.. and it seems remiss for me not to pop in and say how thankful I am to have worn this 'mama' hat for the past 3.5 years now.

Still learning as I go.
And all that other craziness in between.

Speaking of craziness though, that's our life right now (good crazy, no worries) and I'm running off to hang an art show in the midst of it now!

For all you mamas out there, I send you extra hugs and high fives today.

I wrote in my Mom's card "I think God gives us kids as 'payback' for all the stuff we put our parent's through".... because, you know.

Ok, I'll catch up with you all again soon friends!
Hope you're keeping well in your corner of the globe there!?

mama Mel

*P.S - In lieu of the whirlwind here, no Monday Mamalogues tomorrow. stay tuned!


  1. questionsfromlily13 May 2013 at 10:04

    cute pic. hope you had a great mother's day!!

  2. love 'swing' photos!
    hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day; sending you lots of big, squishy hugs:).

    Enjoy your art show!

  3. hehe.. not till after I took the shot did I realize that Hudson was facing backwards in his swing! lol Warm mama's day hugs to you too Krista!! xx

  4. thanks lovely, looks like you did too!! xx


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