the "skyscapes" art show:

Skyscape Miniatures - (*cropped* photo by Camera Kiki).
Setting up the show ~ here's the lovely Kiki lending a hand.
While the shop is closed, the art goes up.
Measuring my marks.. math+mama=maddening! (photo by Camera Kiki).
Further proof that artists are.. nutters! (photo by Camera Kiki).
 So there you have it friends.
For those of you out of city/province/country who wanted a sneak peek of my art installation... this was the 'behind-the-scenes' set up of the show.

Thanks to sweet Kiki for snapping these shots (with more seen here) while helping me hang the multitude of miniatures!  Her eye for measuring saved me the mental nightmare of having the pieces tossed helter-skelter across the wall.  It was good fun!

For those of you who are 'local' and have already expressed your delight in the show, 
thank you!

If you would like to come out and see the works still, we'll be hosting a mid-show RECEPTION this coming Monday June 3rd at Black Honey Desserts (on Hunter St.).
I'll be there from 4-6 PM... so you can grab a coffee/treat... and a PAINTING on your way home from work!
I'd love to see you there, friends.

Thanks so much for all your encouragement and support over the years.
Painting is still one of my biggest joys... and I will never tire of chasing the skies with a paintbrush.

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. looks great. good job mama! hope you sell it all!!!! happy weekend. xo

  2. I really wish I could come to the opening. The show looks great, Mel!

  3. Wowzers wowzers! I want to own one!


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