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Annual 'Neigbourhood' Yard Sale.
'Steals on Wheels'...this is her "smile" now too.
Washing off the "baby goobers" she says.
Dinosaurs enjoy building towers.
We aren't avid yard sale goers at this stage of life.
The prospect of hauling kids in - and out - of the car for every little curb side treasure hunt is not very appealing to us.
So, when our city does an annual yard sale that encompasses blocks of homes (so you can just keep pushing the stroller along) I'm eager to go!

We scored a fun, albeit modest, amount of goodies this year.
Azriel picked out this great bin of wood blocks.. and we happily handed over one shiny dollar for it!

Most toys around our nest get baptized before enjoyment.
I'm no germ-a-phobe, but I like to think the toy is getting a fresh start here.

I've said it before, but I really prefer our purchases to be second-hand (thrifted, op shop, etc).
Sure, it's cheaper.  But, it also comes with a story.
 I feel like the object has a history, or some life experience it brings with it.
A few wrinkles, a few scars, maybe a scratch or dent.

I like the messy 'real' things vs. the shiny plastic superficial ones.

I guess it feels more authentic, right?
It seems like a better reflection of ourselves... an imperfect masterpiece.
A curious treasure with some scrapes along the way.

And if we can look at an object and wonder at the story behind it,
how much more so should we look at our family, friends, strangers... everyone.. and see the story in them.

Some of us are shiny, and some of us have more dents than we'd like to show...
...but we all have a story, our story.

And our children, well, they're reading it right alongside us.

mama Mel ;o) 
P.S. This is the last day to enter my birthday giveaway - winner announced tomorrow!!


  1. What fun... nothing better than a street sale!!! Oh yeah!!! Wish I could have tagged along... looks amazeballs! Thrifted is better... like you said cheaper (which is always great) and the story that goes with it... so so true. Plus not so precious when/if the "thing" breaks from little hands or they bore of it after a time. Our little local thrift has been a sort of toy exchange for us over the years and the goodies that have been discovered! Have the itch to yard sale now... only 5 more sleeps until the next ones!!! lol.

  2. love the picture of Azriel washing the blocks. too cute! i wish we did more of the thrifting thing but we really don't. looks like you got some good finds! happy week mama xo

  3. Thrifted is so much better. We've bought most of our stuff used/second hand. Mom and I scoured the Gilmour St garage sale when I was pregnant. And I'm still cuddling the breastfeeding pillow I bought at it! Lovely deal for those blocks.

  4. Totally random and nothing to do with your post, BUT I saw this in an Etsy email this morning and thought of you :) http://www.etsy.com/listing/122694631/bird-nest-mug?ref=shop_home_active
    p.s. I hope you haven't seen it yet lol

  5. I love yard sales, but I'm not one for getting up early to find the best treasures.

  6. I hear ya Beth ~ I prefer a lazy saturday morning to charging out at the crack of dawn.. but if I can still find a deal *later* in the day, then score! ;o)

  7. Ha. I love random. That mug is very sweet, thanks for the thought~! ;o)

  8. That's awesome - love those pillows! It's always such a thrill to score these treasures. ;o)

  9. I loved that shot too (alas, the hubs preferred it not to be all over the interwebs... so it's removed) Our kids may *cringe* to discover they're wee undied' buns all online when they get older.. lol! I totally would have thought you'd thrift tons, guess you get all your funky stuff elsewhere then! ;o) xx

  10. Wish you could have tagged along too!!! lol.. and that sounds like a great 'exchange' idea - I like to do that with 'hiding' toys away here.. and rotating (when I remember to!). Sorry to cause that 'itch' it can be a real torture sometimes.. lol! xx


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