[M.M.16] when to wean...

Welcome back to Monday Mamalogues:
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 The bond between mother and child is so amazing, isn't it?
I always love to hold, snuggle, cuddle our kids close.
I'm a *touch* love language kind of gal.

So, for me, breastfeeding has always been a beautiful moment to literally flow love right into my baby.  For over a year now, 4 - 5 times a day... we have our little affection feast.
Me, staring down at him with wonder.
Him, gazing up at me with his big blue eyes.

 Now, as most babies tend to do, he's getting bigger... and bigger.
Those pudgy fists are now foraging for food, instead of being the helpless hands that once lay on my neck.

 Those chompers are getting bigger too!
Nothing makes you more eager to wean a kid than when they test their *bite* on your tender bits!
Soooo, needless to say, the time for weaning seems to be upon us.  But to be honest, I'm in no rush.  Because, I really... reaaaallly am struggling to let go of this baby stage with our Hudson.
He's totally a mama's boy.
And I'm just as much wrapped around his pudgy finger.
Maybe that's why he still wakes once (or more) times in the night... because I just can't let him 'cry it out'... I want to hold him, nurse and comfort him.

I think it's the 'last child' factor.
 Since Ben and I are fairly *certain* we're done spawning more kids... its makes this stage all the more significant to me.
He's the last baby I'll nurse.
The final use of the bassinet, and crib.
Clearing baby clothes from the dressers...

Weaning - like change - is sometimes hard to face.

But changes keep coming... some of which require me to wean him sooner than I may like.

 Oh, how my heart does a bittersweet <squish> when I think of how deeply I love these kids.
When I think of how their yesterdays have vanished like hour-glass sand.
When I think of how small their hands once were in mine.
How tiny their bodies were snuggled beside my heart.

They keep growing.
More to love.

They keep changing.
More to learn. 

When will we wean from these things?
Hopefully never.

mama Mel ;o)


  1. questionsfromlily6 May 2013 at 08:12

    the growing process is always bitter sweet for me and it kills me. happy monday!

  2. Often, your writings make me smile. Sometimes, I get a lump in my throat. This one, though, actually created a big ACHE in my heart. I think it's because today is my first fruit's 25th birthday. For a few years, she's technically been an adult (yikes! I'm the mother of a WOMAN) but in my mind, she and my 14-year-old are still those chubby-cheeked, gummy-smiled, little bundles of energy, filling me with a mixture of joy and "Agghhh! How am I going to make it through this day/week/lifetime??!!!" I'm so glad you've been writing about all these little moments in your mama-world, Mel; thank you for letting us take the journey with you. For me, it's a trip that I can enjoy in slow motion when I reminisce because, at the time, it all went by in a wild 'n crazy blur! Hugs to you from this ol' mama.

  3. Awww... this is very sweet (and bittersweet, indeed) to hear from you Mare - so glad to have you here tho, thanks for sharing.. and happy b-day to KT!! ;o)

  4. ...a happy death it is, such a weird and wild mix - motherhood, eh? xx


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