mama style... [preggo & posing]

Don't worry friends.. I haven't made a new year's resolution to post more 'outfit shots'!
I did however date my husband yesterday - and decided to get out of the yoga pants/hoodie combo:

 I've decided that maternity clothing is really a 'fashion line' created from some senile granny who loves clown clothes... so I have forsaken it altogether.. and am forcing my wardrobe to work in my eight month here.
(Key elements: vests.cardigans.dress-shirts.leggings.stretchy skirts!)

I was stoked to get these cream cable-knit leggings for Christmas (thanks Mom!).  A perfect combo with my suede boots... and stretchy enough for baby bulge.

If you looked in my closet... it's like the palette from a boot camp (everything is army greens/olives/browns/blacks...) so sometimes I try to force myself to try a new colour - hence a yummy plum vest (and normally I do despise purple).

Heck, I even tied on a skinny belt... though it's loose enough to not throttle the wee guy.
So yah, I'm loving this palette lately: plum, olive, russet browns, creams.... mmmMMMm!
Mama wears:
earrings: gifted from sister
wooden beads necklace: thrifted
plum vest: Reitmans
Olive dress: H&M
Skinny belt: Reitmans
Brown waffle shirt: Old Navy
Cream Leggings: H&M
Suede boots: Zellers

Rest assured, I did still get myself a huge white cable knit sweater for cold winter days... so I do still resemble a Sasquatch some days.

Preggo. poser. mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Love it!
    I totally understand the "forcing yourself", I do the same from time to time.
    Have great week!

  2. you look adorable miss melissa! & i love that colour on you, it looks great! i'm not much of a colour wearer either...purple is definitely a scary colour (for some weird reason?) but i'm wearing it today too!! 

  3. OMG i love this fashion theme!  finally we can be like you!  :))))  i am off to spend some of my Christmas money online at H&M to gift myself some of those AMAZING leggings right NOW!  

  4. PS - those are my wedding colours!  eggplant, olive, brown, and ivory!  woot woot!  creative minds think alike! :)

  5. .... ha! If I recall correctly Vee - you always had your own unique fashion flair! ;o)  Happy shopping - sorry you couldn't find those leggings... :o(

  6. Hurrah, that all looks so great together!  Great layering!

  7. awes, thanks sweet Carly - aren't we both so 'grape'!  It just kills me that 'popular fashion' palettes are all in royal jewel tones - when I love my earth tones... but I try to make it work :o) have a beauty weekend!

  8.  thanks Rocio!  The one colour I find hardest to 'force' would be PINK.. ugh, what about you? ;o) Have a lovely weekend!

  9. loveeee your outfit photos!! you look beautiful and stylish.  i managed to skip on both those qualities during the entirety of being preggers:).  lucky you mama.  what a sweet belly:)!!  have a wonderful new year with your beautiful fam!!


  10. aww, Krista you're both sweet and hilarious - thanks so much - happy new year to your funky crew! xo

  11. I have tried every colour in me...but I'm still fighting with the red, I don't know why!..heheh
    Oh! by the way...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!..May God bless you and your family!

  12. You're basically the most stylish mama ever ;)


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