Azriel the aviator.

So do you think this is what Amelia Earhart looked like as a toddler?
Either way, all I can imagine here is Azriel saying "to infinity and beyond!".

I thrifted this hat the other day in a paranoid attempt to ensure my daughter doesn't get pneumonia from this weekend's camping trip.  We're going with a crew of 13 adults and 16 wee ones from our church family (I did this alone with Azi last year... thankfully Ben is joining us this time)
.  I wanted a warm hat for Azi now that Fall is creeping into our bones... and for fun I added the extra 'goggle feature'.  Guess how many times I broke the thread (and then the sewing needle) before clueing in that I should switch to a leather/vinyl needle?! Oy.

And this, this is Azriel's face when mama says "smile".... I don't know where she gets it from. 
And that, well that's just the cutest mischievous aviator in training I've ever seen.
I think it's safe to say Azriel's entire outfit today has been thrifted.
And, since it's Thursday we're going to fly this post on over to 'Small Style' at Mama Loves Papa too!
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Mel ;o)


  1. You are so darn talented!  Love this hat!

  2. Yellowfinchdesigns8 September 2011 at 13:33

    too cute!!!!

  3. i LOVE this!!  i would wear it myself!! in love with anything to do with airplanes and flying-- except actually getting on a plane:)  well-- hope your camping trip is AWESOME!!  it sounds like a fun thing to do with church members!  (we did it once, but we stayed in RV's...does that count?:)  anyways...she's gonna be the cutest camper there!! 


  4. That hat is amaaaazing. Probably one of the coolest finds of this weeks Small Style! I love the name Azriel! 

  5. Love the goggles! Great addition to that hat. :)

  6. Oh.my!!  That hat is so cute!  Your little one is precious, too :)  Oh, and I love your hooded scarf tutorial...thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh my, that is a cute smile! Kids are pretty hilarious. 

  8. Hullo, I'm visiting via MamalovesPapa.

    What gorgeous photos and I love the hat. :D Sweet boy. 



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