the finer diners.

Further proof that we are one classy couple.

Yes, friends - we actually went out for a dinner date last night to celebrate our 3 year anniversary!
For the locals - Cosmic Charlies.... MMmmmmmm!  I'm a sucker for Thai food, and Ben (who still thinks cilantro tastes like soap) opted to allow me the dinner choice.  No matter where we go he seems to order 'fish & chips'... and he loved them here too.  So we both won.  Happy bellies, happy hearts, happy times.

Happy mama,
Mel :o)

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  1. Now I really want some Charlies! oh, those spring rolls! chicken tikka salad! phad thai! ... so hungry!
    Also, congrats on the big 3 year celebration! xo
    p.s. bakery date - you, me & Lucky? let's do it!


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